A.Y. 2018-2019 (15th cycle)
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Who can enrol

The selection procedure will be carried out separately in PoliMi and PoliTo. For this reason candidates must apply for the ASP programme directly at the university where they intend to enrol.

The ASP programme is intended for EU and extra-EU students with a Bachelor’s degree awarded by an Italian university or an accredited foreign university granting access to a Master's degree programme (Laurea Magistrale).

If students are enrolled in a 5 or 6-year degree programme, they are required to have a minimum period of education of 15 years in order to be admitted to a Master's degree programme. At least 3 years of previous education must be at university level, where they must have earned minimum 180 credits (ECTS) or equivalent.

Students taking part in a mobility programme can apply for the ASP programme only if they are enrolled in a 24-month double degree programme.

The offer of admission to ASP is only valid for students who enrol in a PoliTo Master's degree programme for academic year 2018/19 in first semester according to the deadlines for the enrolment in each Master's degree programme (see the Student Guide 2018/19).