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Tuition fee and financial aid
  1. All students who take part in the ASP programme at PoliTo and successfully meet the ASP curricular requirements are entitled to receive a full tuition fee waiver (they do not have to pay any tuition fees except for the regional tax and administrative fees) for the two-year duration of their Master's degree programme.

  2. ASP covers the living costs of all students enrolled in the ASP programme at PoliTo during the Schools (transportation costs to the locations of ASP courses, lodgings and meals).

  3. All students enrolled in the ASP programme at PoliTo receive some funds to carry out their Projects on the basis of the ASP annual budget.

  4. Financial aid is offered only to international students (non-Italian citizens with a non-Italian Bachelor’s degree, see section Who can enrol) participating in the ASP programme at PoliTo. Financial aid consists of a grant of approximately 400,00€ net/month for the two-year period (24 months) of the ASP programme. It aims to partially cover students’ living costs in Turin.
    This grant may be subject to IRPEF taxation (income tax for individuals) because - unless a student withdraws from studies - it is considered as a source of income equivalent to an employment income which is subject to IRPEF tax. In order to establish the correct taxation category, students are required to fill in a form ("Modulo detrazioni IRPEF") provided by the administrative offices of PoliTo. In any case students need to put additional money to cover their living costs in Italy.

  5. Non-Italian university graduates who are regularly enrolled in the 15th cycle of the ASP programme, and have the GRE® General Test are reimbursed for the cost of the GRE® General Test (at current test price).

Students who do not successfully complete the ASP programme lose their ASP benefits and must pay their full tuition fees (this rule is applied retroactively: students who lose their ASP status in second year must pay their tuition fees also for the first year). Tuition fees must be paid according to the highest contribution level, unless students had previously applied for tuition fee reduction and were assigned a lower contribution level. For this reason students are strongly encouraged to apply for tuition fee reduction.
Further information on tuition fees will soon be available in the Tuition Fee Guide for a.y. 2018/19. All students are invited to read this document carefully.

Important notice:

  • benefits provided by the Edisu Piemonte are not compatible with the ASP program: students cannot receive benefits from both Edisu and ASP at the same time. For further information, students should contact the Edisu Office;

  • scholarships granted by internal or external institutions may not be compatible with ASP benefits. For further information, students should contact the Office in charge of granting the scholarship.

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