Young Talent Project
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Official Presentation
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Young Talent Project

Young Talent Project

Presentation activities II and III year (Engineering&Architecture) 

Engineering Courses

The course, taught in Italian, is open to all the students who obtained a score equal to or higher than 70% in the admission test (TIL – Test in Lab) to be accepted in the degree courses of Engineering Area1, and to those students who are enrolled for the first time in University.
The maximum number of students eligible is 200.
The Educational plan of the participants provides specific insights into many subjects and specific activities that will be added to the normal study plan.

Architecture Courses

For these courses, the project, taught in Italian, will start at the beginning of the second year (since Academic Year 2015/2016) and the access will be granted to those students who will obtain, at the end of the first year, after the exam session of July, a weighted average at least of:

Architecture: 28/30
Design and Visual Communication: 28/30
Territorial, urban, environmental and landscape planning: 27/30

Furthermore, those students who decide to attend the Course are granted a fee reduction up to a maximum of 1,500 euro. They are provided with the whole package of services "ViviTorino",as well, which includes a Student Pass for the GTT urban network (or a discount on Transportation Passes around Torino), the Museum Pass and the “Torino Bike” card, offered by the University, for the whole duration of the Course.

1Except for degree course in Ingegneria della Produzione industriale (Industrial engineering and management) due to the peculiar nature of the course, which includes a year abroad in partner universities.