(students with a foreign qualification)
What are the documents I need to apply?
  • Passport or other I.D* 
  • Residence permit* (only for Non EU citizens living in Italy)
  • Curriculum Vitae*
  • Bachelor Degree certificate* (only if already available)
  • Official Transcript of Records* 
  • Syllabus/Course description* (check specific requirements per course HERE and see documents format and samples below)
  • Portfolio* (check Specific requirements per course HERE and see documents format below)
  • English/Italian Language Certificate(check specific requirements per course HERE)
  • Declaration of value of Bachelor Degree or Statement of Comparability issued by CIMEA centre (only if already available)
  • Self-certification of enrolment in another Italian university (if you are currently enrolled there)
  • Other Document (max one)
(*): Compulsory document 
WARNING: we remind you that incomplete applications will be rejected therefore please submit the application only when you have all compulsory documents and according to deadlines

Documents must be official with the stamp and signature of the issuing Institution and are accepted in Italian, English, French, Spanish. In case your official documents are in other languages, please attach both the original version and the official translation in Italian or English. 
We don't require hard copies at this stage: you can directly upload the documents' files (pdf - recommended or jpeg, png) in your online application. You don't have to send any document by post.
  • Passport or other I.D.I.D. is acceptable only in Latin alphabet, if not please provide official Italian/English translation. 
  • Bachelor degree certificate: in case you don’t hold it yet, please attach an official document issued by your current university stating provisional date of graduation or an updated version of your Transcript of Records. 
  • Transcript of records: it’s a document issued by your current university listing all the exams taken. It MUST also include info on the applied grading (minimum and maximum grade, final grade, GPA/CGPA) and credit system. In case it does not, please attach an official declaration of your current university Registrar Office stating those required info. In case you have not graduated yet, you can attach the most updated version.
  • Syllabus/Course description: it’s a document issued by the university that describes in details the content of each subject you studied. The document must be official and must carry University stamp.
  • Portfolioit’s a document including samples of work from your Bachelor degree. Please check specific requirements: 
  • English/Italian Language Certificate (check specific requirements per course HERE).
    Due to concern for the COVID-19 Emergency some English/Italian examinations have been temporarily suspended in some countries. In case you are not able to sit for any examination before the deadline of May 4th, 2020 you can upload this SELF-CERTIFICATION (click to download) in your application form. 
    In case you are eligible for the MSc programme selected you will have to provide the language certificate/es at the enrolment. In case of missing language certificates you will not enrol to the a.y. 2020/21. 
  • Declaration of value or CIMEA's statement of comparability: it is an informative document describing the qualification awarded to a given person by an institution belonging to an education system other than the Italian system. It is usually issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the qualification was awarded. It's not compulsory for the online application but it's necessary in case of enrolment.  
NB: It's the applicants' responsibility to submit complete and accurate applications including all the required documents complying with the required format. In case of issues in finding the required documentation in the required format, applicants should contact the Office, through Ticketing, to get assistance before submission, in order to avoid submitting incomplete applications. Incomplete applications will be promptly rejected by Politecnico di Torino and the applicant won't be able to apply for any call for the 2020/21 a.y.