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The BSc degree program in Architecture was established in the Academic Year 2010/11 as a result of a process of rationalization of the educational opportunities offered by the two pre-existing Faculties of Architecture in the Politecnico, and their corresponding degree programs in Architecture Sciences and Architecture and Design (both in the L-17 class of the Italian classification system). The integration was focused particularly on the development of the educational experiences collected over a ten year period, since the “3+2” Bachelor-Master model was applied following the Italian university system's reform: it therefore maintained the qualities of the successful educational model of the multidisciplinary Studios   (“ateliers”) experimented in the first faculty, while combining them with the more traditional workshops and single subject courses of the second faculty, thus offering a path that is at the forefront of the innovation process in university teaching.

The main aim of the Degree is to train graduates who will acquire: 

  • adequate knowledge of architectural and construction history, of the tools and forms of representation, of the methodological and operational aspects of mathematics and the other basic sciences; the ability to use this knowledge to interpret and describe problems in architecture and construction; 
  • adequate knowledge of the methodologies and operations relating to the subject areas of the study program, and the ability to identify, process and solve problems in architecture and construction by using state-of-the-art methods, techniques and tools;
  • adequate knowledge of  technical and economic feasibility, cost calculations and the production and creation process of architectural and construction works, as well as their related safety; 
  • the ability to use architectural design and construction techniques and tools, 
  • the ability to communicate effectively, in written and oral form, in at least one European Union language other than Italian.

The program of the Degree complies with the provisions of Decree 270/2004 of Italian Law thus allowing the three-year graduates in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino to have the minimum required credits to access the MSc degree programs in class LM- 4, whose objective is the training of architects and construction engineering architects, in accordance with Directive 85/384/EEC. Moreover after passing their State exam, Degree graduates may enroll in the Professional Association of Architects, Section B, Area A ( Junior architect ) and start consulting.

The three-year graduates in Architecture will be able to offer consulting services in various fields, by contributing and cooperating in the planning, design and implementation of activities for the organization and transformation of constructions on various scales. Beyond private practice and consulting, they may also offer their skills to public and private companies, to architecture and engineering firms, to sector industries and construction companies.