Bachelor in
Electronic and Communications Engineering
The new trends in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) require more and more a multidisciplinary preparation that spans over the fields of Communications, Electronics and Computer Science
Three areas that “speak” English in a native way.

Are you ready for this challenge?

The Bachelor degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering is what you are looking for: all courses are given in English, the official language of ICT.
Topics cover fundamentals over all the areas of modern ICT applications, to allow students to dominate the digital word.
At Politecnico di Torino, the first year of study plan is identical for all the students enrolled in any Engineering Degree, and the foundations of mathematics, physics, computer science, computer networks and electronics are given. ECE makes no exception, but all classes are taught in English since the beginning.
The second year of studies offers more in depth knowledge of math and physics, and the fundamentals of electronic systems. During the third year, classes focus more specifically on ICT topics: algorithms and programming, digital transmission and communication networks, and advanced electronic systems. This offers the students the necessary background to dominate complex systems like a computer, a smartphone or the Internet.
This degree is completely given in English and gives the students the possibility to live in an international environment:
  • Italian students make rewarding choice: develop for free an excellent knowledge of technical English
  • Foreign students get in touch with Italian culture without the need of mastering Italian
The best students are offered the chance to spend one semester or one year of study outside Italy.
At the end of the ECE degree, students can freely choose among any Master Degrees in the areas of ICT offered by Politecnico di Torino.
Some employment statistics taken from the official Almalaurea database updated to 2018 demonstrate how job market appreciates ECE engineers: after one year after graduation 95,8% of our students are employed or they are continuing in a Master degree.
After the bachelor
Students can continue with any master degree in the ICT area offered by Politecnico di Torino. Natural choices would be the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, the Master Degree in Communications and Computer Network Engineering, or the Master Degree in ICT for Smart Societies. ECE offers in any case a solid and multidisciplinary background that gives students the chance to continue with a Computer engineering degree too.
Program Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Carena