Bachelor in
Environmental and Land Engineering
The Bachelor Degree's programme The Bachelor programme belongs to class L7 (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and includes a first year common to all engineering programmes, a second year with basic engineering subjects common to the sector of construction engineering and a third year with specific subjects of L7 class and Environmental and Engineering curriculum. During the third year it is possible to undertake an internship in companies or other organizations. During the whole programme practical classes and laboratories are proposed, in order to help students applying acquired knowledge and competences to the analysis and solution of specific problems in the sector of environment and land engineering. A single curriculum is proposed, with no track or sectoral programmes. 

The Bachelor programme trains environmental engineers who can contribute to:
  • understand and interpret complex environmental phenomena of pollution or anthropic interaction: chemical, chemical-physical, biological and ecological aspects;
  • define and develop basic projects for systems of pollution treatment and reclamation in liquid and gaseous streams and in solid matrices.
  • identify solutions for the regeneration of an economic system ensuring its eco-sustainability;
  • analyse natural phenomena and related risks.
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