Bachelor in
Environmental and Land Engineering
Site visits 
Students attending the Bachelor programme in Environmental and Land Engineering have the opportunity to participate to trips and site visits that allow them to
deepen from a practical point of view the contents acquired in the class. Visits include both field activities and visits to different industrial sites. For a list of trips and visits organized from 2017 onward, please visit this link
Student community 
The Bachelor programme in Environmental and Land Engineering currently has about 350 students enrolled, who appoint their representative in the governing bodies (from 2019: Ms Nike Chiesa Turiano).
In order to strenghen the sense of identity and community, the academic year opens with a Welcome Reception, to welcome all students of the Bachelor and Master programmes in Environmental and Land Engineering.
The students have also access to a Telegram channel to facilitate a more efficient and direct delivery of information from the Coordinator of the programme (Prof. Laura Valentina Socco) and their representative.
Students are also encouraged to participate to Library Talks.
Student teamsThe student community is encouraged to actively participate to some activities that give the opportunity to enhance and practice their multidisciplinary and horizontal skills, like participation to Student Teams. Three of these teams are promoted by DIATI – Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering:

Further materials During a meeting with the students taking place in April 2019, the Coordinator showed a presentation that is available here.
Moreover, here you can find some documents that discuss the profile and the role of the Environmental engineer: