Bachelor in
Mathematics for Engineering
Do you think you have a mind for rigorous and formal reasoning?
Would you like to model and simulate industrial processes and natural phenomena?
Apply to the Bachelor in Mathematics for Engineering!
Are you tickled by the idea of using your theoretical knowledge to achieve concrete results?
The Bachelor in in Mathematics for Engineering is unprecedented, in that it overcomes the disconnection between mathematical science foundations and engineering foundations, aiming instead at an interdisciplinary education of equal strength in the two branches.
The course concerns three main learning areas:
  • scientific  and operational foundations of basic mathematics;
  • mathematics and computer science methods (scientific calculus, mathematical models, statistical data analysys);
  • engineering foundations.
The Bachelor in in Mathematics for Engineering aims at endowing the student with an adequate knowledge of the scientific method, the ability to build rigorous proofs as well as to formulate in mathematical terms and then solve engineering problems.
In the duration of the course, the student acquires awareness of the technical, scientific, economic and social factors of technological choices.  Autonomous assessment is encouraged by promoting a problem-solving mindset.
The graduate in Mathematics for Engineering is a professional able to identify the most appropriate mathematical model for treating industrial processes and natural phenomena, managing, organizing and analyzing data, elaborating experiments as well as applying mathematical and IT methods to tackle the problem.
The natural continuation of this course of study is the Master course in Mathematical Engineering
The natural sources of employment are companies producing industrial goods, consulting companies, banks and insurance companies, IT companies, engineering companies specializing in simulation.