Bachelor in
Mathematics for Engineering
educational workshops
Experience mathematical language with origami
On-line workshop (held in Italian)
  • July 15 2020, 10:00-12:00
We will explore the problem of origami's flatness, which is strictly entangled with several technological applications, from biomedical to aerospace. This subject will be the starting point for considering the role of mathematics as a language for science and technology.
Mathematics of epidemics: how to use it to understand "lockdown"
On-line seminar (held in Italian)
  • May 7, 17:30 
  • Duration: 30 minutes, plus question-time
Taking inspiration from some posts recently appeared in some blogs, such as that of Gevorg Yeghikyan (urban data scientist at KDD Lab in Pisa) and that of Bruno Gonçalves (data scientist), we will discuss how it is possible to integrate aspects of urban mobility, for example the commute to and from work and the like, in mathematical models of epidemic propagation, especially the well known SIR model. The goal is to understand, through equations and related numerical simulations, the effectiveness of "lockdown measures" to contain the spread of an epidemic.
The universe is geometry: general relativity in 15 minutes
On-line seminar (held in Italian)
  • May 19 2020, 17:30 
  • Duration: 15 minutes, plus question-time
Starting from Einstein's brilliant ideas about space-time, one can see that physics becomes (non Euclidean) geometry: Einstein versus Newton, gravity leaves the scene and the geometry of curved spaces answers questions that have been open for hundreds of years. A tremendous scientific discovery that has also raised awareness among "ordinary" people,  which is supported by all the experiments carried out to date (most recently the famous detection of gravitational waves) and which has had important repercussions in applications also in everyday life.
Dashes of mathematics in WhatsApp...
On-line seminar (held in Italian)
  • May 26 2020, 18:30 Updated!
  • Duration: 30 minutes, plus question-time
Nowadays we know that mathematics permeates our lives, especially since they are increasingly influenced by technological tools. The times in which mathematical tools come to our rescue are countless. To quote a common example, you will have certainly noticed that the images you receive on WhatsApp are blurred until you actually download them. During the meeting we will briefly illustrate how image compression works from a mathematical point of view, and we will perform some simple experiments on personal photos, without using photo-retouching softwares but only using mathematical tools with a software for scientific computations.