Master course in
Communications Engineering
Generic job openings are available through the Career Service of Politecnico.
Additional opportunities for CE students can be found below. You are welcome to contact the reference professor in case of questions (
05/2022MOVYON (Italy)Telecommunications engineerpdfMonica Visintin
05/2022Vodafone (Italy) SDN network engineerswebAndrea Bianco
05/2022Vodafone (Italy) Data scientistwebAndrea Bianco
05/2022Vodafone (Italy)Oss Application Senior SpecialistwebAndrea Bianco
05/2022Vodafone (Italy) VAS SpecialistwebAndrea Bianco
05/2022Vodafone (Italy) Cloud Infrastructure Ops SpecialistwebAndrea Bianco
05/2022Vodafone (Italy)Cloud Senior SpecialistwebAndrea Bianco
05/2022Vodafone (Italy)Infrastructure Core Operation SpecialistwebAndrea Bianco
06/2022Skylogic/Eutelsat (Italy) Broadband Services Operations EngineerpdfRoberto Garello
06/2022Argotec (Italy)Telecommunications Engineerweb Roberto Garello
06/2022Spindox (Italy)Stage Junior Network EngineerpdfRoberto Garello
06/2022Spindox (Italy)Stage Junior Telecom TesterpdfRoberto Garello
06/2022Sky (Italy)DevOps EngineerpdfRoberto Garello
06/2022Sky (Italy)Broadcasting/Streaming Distribution DevOpspdfRoberto Garello
06/2022SISVEL Technology (Italy)Telecommunications EngineerpdfRoberto Gaudino
06/2022Full System (Italy)Telecommunications EngineerpdfRoberto Garello
06/2022Nokia Bell Labs (USA)Telecommunications and network EngineerwebAndrea Bianco
07/2022Synchropal (Italy)Telecommunications EngineerpdfFabio Dovis
07/2022Qascom (Italy)Software Defined Radio EngineerpdfFabio Dovis
07/2022Qascom (Italy)Navigation EngineerpdfFabio Dovis
07/2022IFEN GmbH (Germany)GNSS Receiver Embedded SW-EngineerpdfFabio Dovis
07/2022IFEN GmbH (Germany)GNSS Signal Generation SW EngineerpdfFabio Dovis
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