Master course in
Data Science and Engineering
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PresentationThe MSc degree aims to train multidisciplinary professionals (data scientists and data engineers) by providing strong methodological and engineering skills, high abstraction capabilities and an analytical approach to address data-driven problems. The trained professionals will be able to quickly adapt to the multiple contexts in which they will be involved and to the rapid evolution of the used data analytics technologies. The MSc program aims to train engineers who will be able to manage the entire life cycle of the data analytics process, analyze the problem requirements, collect and store big amount of data, analyze data by means of mathematical and statistical models and machine learning algorithms, visualize information and finally use the extracted knowledge for decisional purposes. Many scientific and humanistic disciplines are today strongly characterized by a massive use of digital data, mainly used in the analyses underlying the decision-making processes. In all those disciplines, the interdisciplinary professionals who will be formed by the MSc degree in Data Science and Engineering are of fundamental importance.