Master course in
Digital Skills For Sustainable Societal Transitions
Entry requirements
Do I need to have achieved a minimum score at the end of my previous curriculum? 
To be considered eligible for the Master of Science candidates must comply with the requirements (previous education + language ) listed every academic year at the following link
Do I need to pass an entrance test?
Candidates are selected through evaluation of online application in 2 steps:
  1. Administrative evaluation (documents format must comply with what required here
  2. Academic evaluation
Do I need to have completed a specific study program?
Among the other requirements, candidates will find on the website a detailed chart of the needed background for each course.
English test
Do I have to take an English test?
Language requirements must be fulfilled during online application.
What kind of test is required?
The list of accepted certificates to present during online application can be found on the website and it is updated every year.
Do I need to achieve a minimum score?
Minimum requirement of each type of language certificate can be found here.
Can I validate certificates already released from other universities?
Only certificates or exemptions showed in the website can be considered valid (please note: the list is updated every year).
Info on enrolment and admission requirements
Further enquiries
If you haven't found on this or other pages the answer to your question, you can enquire to