Master course in
Digital Skills For Sustainable Societal Transitions
The Master of Science in Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transitions has been designed to train the digital expert, a professional that can understand how technologies impact societies and cities transitions towards new development models. The digital expert can effectively interpret technological innovation in the industrial sector, in public administration, in consultancies for digital transformation, in scientific and technological research, as well as in social enterprises and in the third sector.
The MSc is characterized by a strong multi-disciplinary approach that allows the digital expert to work in teams with digital technology related skills (e.g. programming techniques, database management, data elaboration) as well as practical skills, with competencies in business management and management sciences, with in-depth knowledge in a specific transition-related process:
  • de-carbonization and energy transition;
  • industrial automation;
  • valorization of the cultural heritage.
The different courses that are offered aim at the integration of specialized digital skills with those of the social and human sciences, to develop the necessary capacity to understand how actors’ variegated competencies are associated and connected. This integration fits the complexity of the interaction between information and communication technologies and cities, industries, and territories where they impact: the transition towards new production and consumption models is mediated by social practices, public services and the legal regulation of the use of technological innovations. The integration of technical and social sciences knowledge, furthermore and when referred to cities and territories as engines for sustainable transitions, allows to train professionals that can contribute to the development of urban and spatial policies that can be helpful for the business sector as well as the public one and for the development of communities in general.
Organization of the Master Course
Master Course Pathways
Digital Urban Heritage 

Industry 4.0
Urban Smart Mobility
ICT (36 cfu)
Urban (12 cfu)
Geo (24 cfu)
Society (30 cfu)
Free choice (19 cfu)
THESIS (20 cfu)
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