Master course in
Georesources and Geoenergy Engineering
Our modern lifestyle increasingly relies on raw materials. From base metals, such as steel and copper for our railway and electricity infrastructures, to the gold and tantalum in smartphones: raw materials are everywhere.
The transition to a climate neutral future requires exponentially growing quantities of rare earth elements for electric vehicles and wind turbines, lithium and cobalt for rechargeable batteries, silicon and gallium for photovoltaics and solar panels. As the world grows faster and becomes more inter-connected, the impact of human activities on the Earth has never been more visible. It is now clear that we need to shift to a more circular and carbon neutral economy in order to responsibly use the Earth’s finite resources, and that such a shift requires knowledge and skills to drive the change.
Politecnico di Torino has accepted the challenge and is ready to train future professionals through its renewed programme in Sustainable Mining. We are ready to mine students’ raw talent and help them shape a more circular and green economy, as well as create sustainable solutions for tomorrow.
Graduates' profile
As a graduate in the Sustainable Mining track you will:
  • have skills related to the production and recycling of strategic raw materials for the ecological transition;
  • be able to characterise and estimate the volumes available and producible in a mineral deposit; 
  • be able to design the works necessary to reach the deposit and extract the useful mineral, ensuring economic efficiency and environmental sustainability and following criteria that ensure the safety of the works and operators involved.
Here some interviews with professionals of the sector
Enrico Lovera (English)
HeidelbergCement, Geology and Raw material manager
Luca Zammarian (Italian)
Imerys, Direttore responsabile Miniera