Master course in
Environmental and Land Engineering
The Master’s degree programme aims to train engineers able to cope with complex environmental problems that concern interaction between natural (air, water, soil, biosphere) and human elements and to plan, implement, manager and monitor processes and works like:
  • Reclamation of polluted sites
  • Evaluation and reduction of pollutant emissions
  • Environmental management of companies
  • Infrastructures and building site of strategic works
  • Works and plans to protect the territory from natural risks
  • Planning and management of work safety
  • Planning and management of emergencies
  • Adaptation to climate change and its effects
  • Territorial governance and environmental policies. 
The programme offers four tracks, two of which are entirely provided in English:
Students will have the opportunity to make internships within companies and institutions of these sectors and to undergo laboratories and field activities.  
The final thesis is an individual training opportunity to conclude students' training experience. At this link it is possible to find some of the open thesis proposals for students enrolled in the programme.
Graduates will be able to find a job at companies, public and private entities and professional bureaus to design, plan, implement and manage works and systems for the control and monitoring of Land and Environment, as well as at consultancies in the field of corporate sustainability. Amongst the main competences acquired during the programme we can mention: soil defence; management of waste, raw materials and environmental, geological and energy resources; impact evaluation and environmental compliance of plans and works. Further information on job opportunities and relationships with the productive and professional sector are available at this link.