Master course in
Environmental and Land Engineering
Engineers specializing in “Environmental Protection” are trained to:
  • Optimize the environmental sustainability of the productive activities, of the energy production and of the human activities in general;
  • Design and build land reclamation interventions of polluted sites, waste management and wastewater treatment
  • Design and build the most suitable technological interventions for the environmental protection in case of accidental events
The course of study includes a close synergy between theoretical concepts about technologies described during the courses, practical design aspects and knowledge of the existing plants on the territory by means of:
  • Option of internship in companies;
  • Possible development of the final project in the industry;
  • Technical visits to plants and chemical industries;
  • Practical projects based on real data and case histories.
The Course programme 2021-2022 of the Environmental Protection track is available here.
The Course programme 2022-2023 will be published on the PoliTo portal from March 2022, here you can find a PDF version