Master course in
Environmental and Land Engineering
Traditionally Geo-Engineering is a discipline which provides the basis of soil and rock behavior for the development of the built environment. Geo-Engineering is therefore the primary basis for approach to design, planning but also construction and maintenance of infrastructures and other interventions that interfere with the geological environment underground and on surface, such as for example roads, tunnels, bridges, rails, buildings, and other types of utilities.

The Geo-Engineering Programme at Politecnico di Torino provides education in the disciplines of geoscience and construction and seeks to engage with sustainable urbanization and with an optimal use of natural resources also in the framework of climate change consequences.

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills on how:
  • plan and interpret in laboratory and on site investigations: tests on the geomaterials, geophysical, hydrology and hydrogeology and topographic measurements;
  • manage rock and soil engineering problems linked to construction and maintenance of the infrastructures;
  • organize and manage major infrastructural works with the aim to reduce their impact on the territory and the human life;
  • design, manage and organize the sustainable use of natural resources needed for the construction and the maintenance of infrastructures
  • identify and manage risk related to climate change scenarios, which interacts with infrastructures, such as floods and landslides.

The Course programme 2021-2022 for the Geo-Engineering Track is available here.
The Course programme 2022-2023 will be published on the PoliTo portal from March 2022, here you can find a PDF version.

The programme is entirely held in English
Here some interviews with professionals of the sector
Cesare Castiglia (English)
Senior Engineering Consultant
Tiziana Cicala (Italian)
Senior Engineer, Italferr
Filippo Gay (Italian)
Techdata SA
Piergiorgio Grasso (English)
President, GEODATA Engineering
Pietro Jarre (Italian)
President, GEAM