Master course in
Environmental and Land Engineering
Environmental Engineers in a world under evolution
According to the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, environmental engineers support the well-being of people and the planet in areas where the two intersect. Over the decades the field has improved countless lives through innovative systems for delivering water, treating waste, and preventing and remediating pollution in air, water, and soil. These achievements are a testament to the multidisciplinary, pragmatic, systems-oriented approach that characterizes environmental engineering. In the 21st Century environmental engineers are in particular called upon:
  • Sustainably Supply Food, Water, and Energy
  • Curb Climate Change and Adapt to Its Impacts
  • Design a Future Without Pollution or Waste
  • Create Efficient, Healthy, Resilient Cities
  • Foster Informed Decisions and Actions.
 We have launched a series of webinars around these and other challenges.  
 Job opportunities
85% of our graduates find a job within 1 year after graduation (source: Almalaurea). They are mainly employed in manufacturing and service companies, public entities for territorial governance and management, technical and managerial consultancies. For further information on job opportunities, please visit this page. 
Finding a job is facilitated by having done an internship during or after your studies. For further details on how to activate an internship (for students) or to host an intern (for companies and hosting institutions), please visit this page.  
Time for Job
Since 2019, the Career Service at Politecnico di Torino has organized the TIME FOR JOB events, meeting between students and companies, in order to foster cooperation between the academy and professionals. The first TIME FOR JOB for the Bachelor and Master’s degree programme in Environemntal and Land, Civil, Building and Energy engineering took place in May 2019. The next date will be scheduled as soon as the current COVID-emergency will be over.