Master course in
Environmental and Land Engineering
learning by doing
The Master's degree programme intends to provide students with project skills and an attitute towards innovation and multidisciplinarity. That is the reason why this programme is not limited to front classes but includes a wide range of learning-by-doing activities. 
Team projects and teamwork 
Many courses include project work and complex exercises as a fundamental part of the teaching activity, focusing on the experience of working in teams. To name a few: the course “Design for the environment and land” provides the basic elements for the preparation of projects in the field of environmental engineering, with particular reference to the design methods in accordance with current technical standards; the course “Civil protection” allows students to develop municipal emergency plans in groups; the course “Territorial Protection from hydraulic risks” includes exercises, done in groups of 3-4 units, to be organized in a report.
Study trips, site visits and labs 
The limited number of students allows to organize study trips, field activities and labs. During the first year (second semester) a joint study trips including several courses is proposed, in order to enchance horizontal skills during technical site visits. 
For a list of the site visits realized in the a.y. 2021-2022 visit this link. 
Integrative activities
Throughout the academic year, integrative activities are organized, inviting external technical experts to give short seminars. Moreover DIATI – Department of Environmental, Land and Infrastructure Engineering organised some integrative activities in cooperation with  GEAM - Associazione Georisorse e Ambiente, aiming at developing operational and relational skills of engineers, through team working and learning by doing techniques. In particular, during the a.y. 2019-2020 the training course "Capacità operative e relazionali" took place.
During the Master’s degree programme students are encouraged to undergo an internships, assigning ECTSs. For further information please visit the internship webpage.
Student teams
Student community is stimulated to participate to several initiative that offer the opportunity to strengthen multidisciplinary and horizontal skills, like Student teams. In particular, three of these Teams are tutored by DIATI’s professors:

Conversations in the Library 
DIATI promotes the Conversations in the Library, a series of seminars offering a multidisciplinary dialogue between science and humanities. Students’ participation is strongly encouraged.