Master course in
Environmental and Land Engineering
Students of the Master’s degree programme in Environmental and Land Engineering have the opportunity to participate in study visits and field trips that allow them to deepen the contents covered in the classroom from a more applicative point of view.

The trips may include both field activities and visits to industrial sites operating in fields that are related to the study programme.

The following are some of the visits realized in a.y. 2021-2022:
Zucca e Pasta Quarry, La Loggia (TO), October 2021
Course:Raw and Waste Material Engineering 
Students visited the sand and gravel quarry facility.
Breuil-Cervinia (AO), October 2021
Courses: Innovation lab for climate change and Climate Change Adaptation 
The field trip focused on geophysics and geomatics surveys for climate change monitoring and adaptation in glacial and periglacial environments, with multidisciplinary innovative data acquisition for CC sensitive targets (inland waters, glaciers and rock glaciers).

Parco del Valentino and Orto Botanico of Torino, October 2021
Course: Groundwater Engineering
Students were involved in a field activity on mechanical slug test and for the collection of water from piezometer with bailer.
Trana (TO),  October 2021
Courses: Climate Change Adaptation and Innovation lab for climate change
Field trip to the Sangone river, to collect environmental, hydrological and geophysical data to describe the riverine and riparian system.
Sant'Anna di Vinadio (CN), October 2021
Course: Idrogeologia Applicata 
The study trip includes a visit to the bottling plant of Acqua Minerale Sant'Anna, followed by measurements of chemical and physical parameters and observations with the thermal camera along the Corborant Stream at the Terme di Vinadio to verify the presence of hot water leaks in the bank. 
Nuova Cives Mine, (TO) October 2021
Course:Cantieri per infrastrutture
The students visited the Nuova Cives mine of Vidracco (TO), site of extraction and production of olivine products.
Brusnengo (TO), November 2021
Course: Raw and Waste Material Engineering
Visit to the factory of Sasil Srl, a company of the Industrial Minerals Group that deals with mining treatments integrated with European environmental issues  
Alessandria, Canelli, Nizza Monferrato, December 2021
Course: Protezione Idraulica del Territorio
The students visited some structural works for the flood risk mitigations in the basins of Tanaro and Belbo. The technicians of the AIPO, who accompanied them, illustrated the design criteria and the methods of implementation of these works.
San Benigno Canavese (TO), February 26th 2022
Courses: Idraulica fluviale and Idrologia Operativa
Joint activity on Torrente Orco for the students of the Master's degree programmes in Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering 
CEPAV 2 construction sites, Lonato del Garda, May 2022
Course: Consolidamento di Rocce e Terreni 
Technical visit to CEPAV 2 construction sites at Lonato del Garda, for the project of the new railway line AV/AC Brescia Est - Verona.
Gressoney Valley, Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta, May 2022
Course: Consolidamento di Rocce e Terreni , that will be called Ground Improvement Engineering from the next academic year
Technical visit at landslide sites in Gressoney Valley, Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta.
During the visit the students have seen landslide sites because of falling boulders and protection works (paramaxes and network barriers)

Waste to energy plant (IREN TRM), Turin, June 2022
Course: Valutazione del danno ambientale e compatibilità 
Technical visit to the waste to energy plant (IREN TRM), Turin
Cantieri Infra.TO, June 2022
Course: Tunnelling
Technical visit to the Infra.TO construction yards for the extension of the metro 1 of Turin.