Master course in
Civil Engineering
Learning by doing
The concept of “learning by doing” refers to an idea of teaching based on “doing” rather than “studying how to do”. All of us can study how to climb a mountain but doing is a completely different story…
This approach is used to teach all the modules thanks to lectures entirely dedicated to tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, field trips and also offering internships in companies.

Field visits and laboratory activities
The manageable number of students attending our courses allows for a smooth organization of field trips and laboratory activities where students are not just watching but actively involved in measurements, surveys and, subsequently, in the post-processing of data.
One of the strengths of tour program lies in the availability of laboratories, equipped with cutting edge facilities for teaching and research. Laboratory work represents an opportunity to understand and grasp “hands on” the theoretical concepts explained in the classroom. Laboratories are an integral part for the teaching of individual courses and to carry out experimental work associated with final thesis projects.
Here is a list of available laboratories:
Laboratorio Bio- Giuseppe Maria Pugno”
Laboratorio di Dinamica e Sismica
Laboratorio MastrLAB
Laboratorio Didattico Sperimentale Sicurezza Strutturale (LaDiSSS)
Laboratorio Prove Non Distruttive
Laboratorio Di Geotecnica
Centro sui Rischi nelle Costruzioni
Laboratorio di Meccanica della Frattura
Laboratorio drawing TO the future
Laboratorio Numerico Sperimentale di Ingegneria Sismica e Resilienza
Laboratorio Air Water Waste
Laboratorio Gallerie & Ingegneria delle Rocce (TRE)
Laboratorio Geofisica
Laboratorio Geomatics lab
Laboratorio Geomeccanica e Geotecnologie
Laboratorio Idraulica e meccanica dei fluidi
Laboratorio Materiali Stradali
Laboratori per la qualità delle acque e degli ambienti acquatici
Laboratorio Raw Materials
Laboratorio Sicurezza
Laboratorio Sicurezza Stradale e Simulazione di Guida
Laboratorio di Trasporti e Mobilità
Field visits and laboratory activities
Stages or internships provide an opportunity for a first real-job experience without the establishment of an actual contract with a company. Students can activate a “curricular internship”, which can grant some credits (either 6 or 12 CFU). 
Post-graduate internships can also be activated within 12 months of graduation and for a maximum duration of 6 months.