Master course in
Civil Engineering
Why choose civil engineering @Polito?
The course of study at the Politecnico di Torino is EURACE certified and it is the only one in Italy that expose students to the practical aspects of these disciplines from the first year, thanks to the innovative course Laboratory of Civil Engineering: a virtuous example of innovative teaching.  

Student satisfaction
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Stories from students
Stories from students
To know more, follow our Youtube account!
To know more, follow our Youtube account!
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Studying in Turin

With more than 113.000 students from all over the world, Turin is a vibrant city where you can receive one of the best education in Europe and also have the opportunity to meet new people. This cultural liveliness is reflected in many festivals and fairs which are organized every year: music, food, art, cinema and much more. Moreover, Turin hosts a wide range of art galleries and internationally renowned museum as well as culturale associations and clubs that can be joined to take the most out of the city and the beautiful nature surrounding it.
Turin is an ideal city for students for many reasons: it is large enough to have a vibrant cultural life but it is still easy to be explored by bike or walking. Moreover, it is definitely a low cost city but with very high living standards. These features contribute to make Turin a very attractive destination and some among the reasons why Politecnico invested on building more accommodations to meet the ever increasing demand from italian and international students who applied to receive a top notch education as well as a great personal experience. 

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