Master course in
Mathematical Engineering
Are you interested in industrial and real-world applications of Mathematics?
Are you tickled by the idea of using your theoretical knowledge to achieve concrete results?
Apply to the Master in Mathematical Engineering!

The Master in Mathematical Engineering is unprecedented, in that it overcomes the disconnection between mathematical science foundations and engineering foundations, aiming instead at an interdisciplinary education of equal strength in the two branches.
The graduate in Mathematical Engineering is a professional with competencies in Engineering able to apply Mathematics to describe and tackle complex problems.
Ready to face problems from several technological fields, concerning artificial systems or natural phenomena, the mathematical engineer can:
  • deal with complex systems in a highly interdisciplinary way, making use of methodologies from various Mathematical disciplines;
  • select the right mathematical model to use, by balancing efficiency and complexity;
  • simulate numerically natural phenomena, materials behaviour, industrial processes, and complex structures behaviours;
  • study simulation results, both qualitatively and quantitatively, while matching them with the observed phenomena;
  • analyse and use statistical data to provide estimations and decision-making strategies.
The natural sources of employment are companies producing industrial goods, consulting companies, banks and insurance companies, IT companies, engineering companies specializing in simulation.