Master course in
Mathematical Engineering
Thesis instructions
How is your final grade awarded?
Master degree in Mathematical EngineeringYou can get a maximum of 8 points broken down as follows:
  • up to 4 pts for your thesis project (quality evaluation);
  • up to 2 pts for presentation and thesis defence;
  • up to 2 pts for exams passed cum laude (0.5 pts per exam);
  • up to 2 pts to recognize worthy circumstances (e.g. thesis abroad, the publication of thesis contents, long term traineeship for the thesis in enterprises, participation to conferences, and more).
The grade "cum laude" can be awarded starting from an overall score of 113/110; if there is no unanimity, the committee acts by qualified majority (i.e. 2/3 of the committee).
The committee's judgment is unquestionable.