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News: For the Academic year 2015/2016, two new master degrees will be offered


The content of this website refers to the degree offered in 2014/2015 degree
To describe the importance of Computer and Communication Networks Engineering in everyday life, it is sufficient to think about words that until a few years ago had meaning only to a few insiders, and which are now part of the common language: Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, MP3, WWW, streaming, YouTube, Peer to Peer, Chat, Google, Dropbox, Cloud Computing, Gaming ... in a word: the Internet!
All these terms are the result of the global world, which indicate how Computer and Communication Networks Engineering offers the opportunity to obtain a technical preparation linked to the Internet world. But we can also recall several other application fields, like: Vehicular networks, where cars communicate with each other to increase safety on the road; Sensor networks that can monitor a whole building, crops, a monument, or the health of patients; Computer networks that grind millions of searches made by Google every minute; Mobile telephone networks, where mobile phones become more and more smartphones and help us find the way, stay in touch with friends, share photos, movies, etc.

The fact that all the above mentioned terms are in universally in English reflects a comprehensive preparation that is open for a global future in Italy, in Europe, and in emerging countries. For this reason, the Master of Science Degree in Computer and Communication Networks Engineering is offered exclusively in English. The courses are attended by students from different countries who are studying in an international and multicultural environment, which is surely challenging and certainly not common in Italy.

The courses integrate the theoretical aspects through exercises in laboratories on computers and network equipment, with particular attention to the Internet, Web applications (e-commerce, distributed programming), mobile communication systems (3G, 4G, 5G), and wireless networks (WiFi). The courses have a great emphasis on the industrial world, through seminars held by staff working in industries and ICT companies, with lot of opportunities to carry out the thesis at the companies.

The teachers and professors involved are some of the most active in the world of scientific research. By participating in several funded research and industrial projects, the students are involved in research activities during the preparation of their thesis. As evidence, many students publish in journals and international conferences the main results obtained in their thesis.

To enrol at Politecnico di Torino means making an investment in one’s own future. The high level of the University education is a winning choice that opens the door of both the domestic and international job market, within technology areas that are increasingly important as that of computer and communications networks.

A year after graduation, 90% of graduates in Engineering at Politecnico di Torino found permanent jobs, compared with an average of 78% in all the Italian universities. Three years after graduating at Politecnico di Torino, the employment rate rises to 97% (88% in all Italian universities. Source:   Almalaurea).
Considering the master degree in Computer and Communication Networks, all formers students found a job within one year (100% of employment rate), and the average income after five years is 32% higher than the average income of workers graduated from Politecnico di Torino (Almalaurea - Data up to May 2013)

To choose Computer and Communication Networks Engineering means entering the world of technological evolution and the New Economy. The development of new technologies will continue to create new employment opportunities, which require new skills and new professional people that only a solid university education is able to provide. 

The network is at the center of the new economy!

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