Master course in
Petroleum and Mining Engineering
THE Master's degree programme in Petroleum and Mining Engineering
This Master's programme, the only one of a kind in Italy, trains engineers to meet the demands of the oil & gas and the mining industry, which is well-known for its high technical and technological levels, interdisciplinary approach and international scope. In particular, knowledge related to the exploration and characterization of reservoirs/deposit will be broadened along with that of optimization of production strategies, based on technical feasibility criteria as well as on economic and environmental sustainability.
The Petroleum Engineering Track and the Mining Engineering Track have been offered by Politecnico di Torino for many years (from 1959 and 1907, respectively), but they they are constantly renewed to qualify top students from all over the world for challenging international careers in the oil & gas and mining industry. The program is exclusively and entirely taught in English and hosts students from all over the world, offering an enriching international environment.

The Master's degree programme trains future petroleum and mining engineers to fit the profiles required by oil & gas and mining companies, service companies or institutions dealing with energy and mining management and regulation. 
The map below shows the Countries of origin of students who graduated from 2014 to 2019 in Petroleum Engineering (statistics for Mining Engineering will follow).