Master course in
Petroleum and Mining Engineering
learning by doing @ ME
The Learning by Doing approach within the Mining Engineering programme includes: 
  • Option of internship at mining and service companies
  • Encouragement to develop final project with the industry
  • Technical visits to mines and quarries
  • Practical projects on real data and case histories with software.
Here some examples of the site visits organized in the previous years:

  • Turin underground railway connection construction site
  • High capacity railway link Genova-Milan construction site
  • Several quarries in Piemonte region and beyond (Moncalvo, gypsum; Roaschia limestone; Robilante, quartzite ; Fontane and Imerys – Rodoretto, talc; Rorà and Bagnolo, Luserna stone; Candoglia, marble; Carrara, marble)
  • Several waste treatment and recycling plants (IREN – Torino, plastics; Tritogom, tires; Sasil, sand and glass; Gaia, waste & compost
  • UNICEM Roccavione: quarry and cement plant.