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The planner we train is a professional who works, in Italy or abroad, in public administrations, in planning and design offices, in private companies and consulting firms, agencies and NGOs

A career in planning is widely recognised in Europe and, in Italy, is legally recognised by the national reform of professions. Since 2001, in fact, every province has an Association of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Heritage Architects. Admission to the Association is possible after an examination and allows to formally have the title of Planner.

Planners are thus formally existing only since 2001, with a relatively limited number of schools and graduates, and a still large number of authorities and other bodies which are potentially interested in their competences.

Photo: L. Attardo

  • Urban and Regional Planners, able to design spatial plans at various territorial scales
  • Landscape planners, expert in environmental and landscape conservation and planning
  • Planner and urban managers, able to develop strategies and contribute to policy making for urban and territorial transformation
  • Planner and spatial analysts, able to design and manage Geographic Information Systems

The last Alma Laurea survey (2019) among MSc graduates in Torino shows that 72,4% of interviewees had, after one year from the degree, a job. After three (93,2%) and five years (94,6%) from the degree there is a significant increase.

Starting a career: how to create a portfolio

To enter the labour marker in the best possible way it is important to show to the interview or enter the selection process with a good Curriculum Vitae and, because of the training process for planners, a portfolio.
The portfolio is meant to show your skills and competences with images and a structure that is made to highlight your abilities. To help you in preparing a portfolio, a model has been prepared, as well as an indesign template. Please find all the documents in the .zip file available  in the MSc webpage of the Teaching Portal.

Career paths of some of our graduates
"In December 2016 I graduated in the Planning Master level programme. During the programme, I acquired technical expertise in the analytical field thanks to GIS tools, and social expertise thanks to team work and internship (the last one in the Metropolitan City of Torino). After one month from my graduation I entered the LIDL team as a junior collaborator in real estate development. My job is to search new locations for the company in the metropolitan city and in the region. This is a very good opportunity for a planner: you can use your competences to look for the best territories for this transformation; you can deepen the knowledge of laws and regulations that have been already part of the learning programme; you can see live a territory that is changing and how this is happening. For all this reasons I am grateful to the Politecnico di Torino to be able to prepare young experts that can enter the world of territorial planning, also at a wider scale!"
Simona Bertelli

"I got my MSc degree in February 2016, then starting a three months collaboration with the Ticino Lombardo Park Authority. This experience allowed me to work with urban planning issues related to protected areas, taking part in landscape commissions and preparing plans using GIS. Since June 2016 I started to collaborate with Studio Mellano Associati, in Torino, in which I had the possibility to further use acquired competences in the field of local plans (PRGC) documents. The MSc in Territorial Planning has provided me the possibility to learn more about planning institutional and normative context, to be able to use GIS tools, and to analyse complex territories at different scales. These are fundamental requirements to become a territorial planner".
Elisa Dell'orfano

"To leave for an International Civil Service experience has been a way to test me. I was not searching for a proper job, but for something that made me feel socially useful. I've been offered with an intense experience: a chance to grow professionally and as a human being. Besides human relations and life experience, my profile has been selected because it was better suited for the project: a socio-environmental conflict mediation project in Caraz, in the Andean region of Peru. This work allowed me to valorise what I learned in the MSc in Territorial Planning: territorial analysis, participative paths towards community development scenarios, GIS database production, thematic mapping".
Andrea Mora

"Master degree in Planning in 2008, PhD in Environment and Territory in 2013. I also have been admitted in the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Heritage Architects in 2009. I have worked in the field of territorial planning and environmental evaluation and analysis using GIS, in Italy and abroad, and in the management of projects in the fields of electromobility and sustainable mobility in Pininfarina. I am currently Geospatial Analyst in Compass, a technology start up based in New York that works in the field of the American real estate. The planning programme allowed me to acquire the necessary technical and theoretical competences to study territorial processes, so to start a career in data analysis in support of territorial planning and in research for the academy and the private sector. I personally think that competences acquired in the field of Geographic Information Systems and their applications have made a difference."
Lycurgo Vidalakis

"After I got my MSc degree in Territorial Planning in 2013 I also enrolled in the Association of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Heritage Architects of the Province of Torino, in 2014. Between 2014 and 2015 I worked with Unioncamere Sicilia on a Network Contract financed by the Ministry for Economic Development to promote firms and business development. Since November 2015 I'm a PhD student in the Urban and Regional Development programme of the Politecnico di Torino. I'm working on the relationship between economy and planning in cities. Since January 2016, within my PhD study, I am collaborating with IRES Piemonte".
Diego Vitello

Actions for the promotion and valorisation of the profession

In 2014 a letter has been sent to several relevant recipients: from the responsible of Planning of the Piedmont Region to heads of relevant organisations in the city and the region. The letter, signed by - among the others - the Head of the Planning and Design School, the President of the Architects' and Planners' Association, calls for attention to the role of our graduates so that they can be included as potential selected professionals in public calls regarding urban, landscape, environment and territorial planning and design.