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Choosing Torino

Join the Politecnico: come to Torino!

Don't expect the typical Italian city: you will find tree-lined boulevards, stately art nouveau cafes, a baroque galore and architectural whims that won't look out of place in a XVIII or XIX century Las Vegas. Torino may be still known as the Italian One Company Town, but that past has gone and the city is coming out from its economic and social crisis. There is a unique cultural offer, with one of the biggest Egyptian art collections outside of Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci's self- portrait, public and private modern art galleries, the Polo Reale, 5 UNESCO Heritage royal palaces within the urban areas (and one of  them is our Valentino Castle campus, photo on the left by F. Bragaglia), the car museum, and a lot more venues, theatres, arenas, urban parks as well as all the sport facilities you may think about.

Students enrolled in our MSc programme often come from other cities
and have different university background

(Photo: C. Cassatella)

Our students may be graduated in another degree class (e.g. architecture, engineering or geography).
53% of the currently enrolled students actually got their Bachelor degree in another university. There are more that 100 students from 12 different Italian universities and 16 international ones. International students come from 12 different countries.
These different geographical and educational backgrounds are a sure positive asset both for our teaching staff and our students.

Some words from our students
"I decided to study territorial planning because of an article I read, signed by two young researchers of the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning of the Politecnico di Torino. In the article opportunities and challenges for planners were presented, so I realised the high level of multi-disciplinarity that characterise this programme, to provide me with high technical skills and specialised competences to be used in my career in Italy or abroad. I chose Torino because it's my city but, above all, because the Territorial Planning programme is one of the best in Italy".
Andrea Martinelli, Bachelor level student

"After careful reflections I decided to continue with my education at university level especially to help my hometown, Siracusa, threaten by infrastructural and architectural degradation. I searched on the web for a Bachelor degree that would satisfy my expectations and provided me with a valuable degree. Politecnico di Torino caught my attention, because of its global status that attracts students from all over the world. I chose the Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning programme. This programme has the aim to prepare real planners and regeneration experts. The fact that the city, Torino, is a culturally vibrant one, lively and with good services, has only strengthened my decision".
Paolo Rizzo, Bachelor level student

"To study planning allowed me to face a variety of disciplines connected by a common goal: to improve people's quality of life in a ecologically sustainable way. This is a humanistic objective that becomes technical task, commanding also a shared social reflection.
Torino is an exciting place for this interests, with many inputs in the area, a great university life, a wide cultural offer and beautiful places to live in and to experience: from the city itself to the Alps, the Savoy royal palaces, the Langhe hills area".
Karl Kraehmer, Master level student

"Even if I still need to understand if I chose to study planning or it was planning choosing me, I would do it again. I think that the mix of artistic approach and the need to understand the world around me made me appreciate one of the programme main feature: multi-disciplinarity. This feature made me think to what daily happens in places we live in, to their complexity. When I visit a city, when I walk in the mountains, when I travel in a train looking out from the window, I can't but think of policies that affects that territory. I can't but ask myself who lives there and how they transform that space everyday. It is positive that now, at the end of my career in the planning programme at the Politecnico (both bachelor and master levels) I have the capacity to answer those questions and that I can provide such competences and my passion to private and public actors, firms and institutions".
Erica Mangione, Master level student

"I started to study planning at the Politecnico di Milano and then decided to continue at the Politecnico di Torino so to strengthen my preparation from the technical point of view. To change city and get to know different ideas and approaches in planning has been interesting and stimulating. Furthermore, I had the chance to know Spunto Collettivo, the Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning collective of students that organises seminars, field trips, movie festivals. Such experiences has given me the opportunity to reflect on key topics of my field of study, also outside university rooms and departments".
Jessica Perugini, Master level student

"I enrolled in Politecnico di Torino, after I got a Bachelor Degree in IUAV university institute in Venice, to better integrate my preparation. The MSc in Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning allowed me to learn about technical and design related approaches that were missing in my background, so to tackle my university studies in a different way and with new stimuli. Besides, my choice was determined by the efficient management of the university, allowing students to have experiences abroad, with the Erasmus + programme, whether with other universities or places for internships".
Jacopo Scudellari, Master level student

"I chose to study planning because both my parents work in this field: my father works in the Urban Planning Office in Xuzhou (China), the city where I come from, while my mother works in soil consumption management. I've had interest in such issues for a long time, then, because they refer to a complex applied discipline. I got my bachelor degree in China and decided to come to Italy, and in Torino in specific, for many reasons: this is a tranquil and liveable city, there are many efficient services, cost of living is lower than in other Italian cities, there is a quite big Chinese community and, also, because the Politecnico di Torino is internationally known as a high quality university".
Shuo Wang, Master level student

Studying in Torino

To study in Torino means to take part to cultural events and field trips, to contribute to university life personally and as a community.
An example of such engagement is the one of Spunto Collettivo: here their Facebook page and here some of the activities they promoted.