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Coronavirus: latest information for our students

The PoliTO
School of Planning and Design
in times of COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of work is happening behind the scenes to allow students to proceed with their study programmes during this gradual coming-back period.
Even if all on-campus activities are suspended, PoliTO and the School of Planning and Design are working hard to manage the challenges that the shift from face-to-face to remote teaching and learning entail.

Bachelor and Master Degree level courses in Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning have scheduled webinars to provide answers to all possible questions a prospective student may have had: visit here to watch the presentation webinar for the MSc.
There is also plenty of information on the Applying page in this website.

All classes - both courses and studios - have been delivered online through different delivery formats, using new and existing digital channels. “Virtual classrooms” were held according to regular time schedules, with synchronous and asynchronous interactions between teachers and students, single or in groups.
For the students who were in a different time zone or could not attend the online live classes, recordings have been made available as well as the possibility to email professors and tutors.
Further documents and courses’ material were provided through the teaching portal, which is now as rich as it has never been.
For the academic year 2020/2021 the Politecnico di Torino will continue to offer all its courses online for both semesters, while giving the opportunity for students that will be in Turin to attend those classes where live interaction is considered to be beneficial (e.g. ateliers).

Extra Teaching Activities
Whenever possible also other in-person events such as workshops, seminars, etc. have been replaced by online alternatives, so that we will continue to provide access to different learning experiences and avoid any form of hiatus in our scheduled activities.

Office Hours
Despite closures, all supporting services to students are active. Office / consultation hours too have been moved online: please check with your professor if there is a specific time slot dedicated to that or if it is possible to send an email anytime.
Students who are working on their final dissertation can continue to meet their tutors online, using one of the available platforms (e.g. dedicated virtual classrooms with BBB, Zoom, Skype, …).

Academic Calendar
It is important to highlight that no changes to the academic calendar have been made. While some deadlines have been extended to allow for more flexibility, other important dates remain unchanged - application deadlines included.
Please, check regularly to see if an extension has been granted or not, to avoid potential problems. As usual, weekly updates will be sent via email and published on the PoliTO main website to inform everyone about changes in the academic calendar and other relevant news.
With the exam session approaching, all necessary measures will be taken to organise online exams if the social distancing measures will not be relaxed until then.
About degree dates and deadlines - as done in March, when the first remote dissertation defences were held -, we will proceed as scheduled, postponing just the graduation ceremony to a safer time.

And, finally ...
The School would like to thank you all for your work and resilience in this unprecedented situation. Thanks to the students, the staff and the wider community for their efforts and good spirit.
Please, bear in mind that disruptions during lessons may occur, longer time could be expected before receiving an answer to an email, and many other possible flaws may happen. But we are all in this together, ready to start meeting again in our classes, corridors and in the castle as soon as it will be possible!

Stay healthy!
For all the detailed info, please refer to the PoliTO main website or ask for assistance logging into your personal page and clicking on the Ticket label on your taskbar.

Photos courtesy of M. Santangelo