Master's degree programmes 2018 - 2019
(students with italian degree)
General admission requirements
ADMISSIONS A.Y. 2018/19In accordance with the national regulations on enrolment in Master's degree programmes, Italian universities must verify that prospective students: 
  • have a three-year Bachelor's degree or university diploma, or other educational qualification obtained outside Italy and recognized suitable for admission;
  • meet the curricular requirements,
  • have achieved an academic performance considered suitable for admission.   

The  Academic Senate and other academic bodies have identified the admission requirements and criteria for enrolment in  Politecnico Master's degree programmes. These rules are illustrated in the Teaching Regulation of each Master's degree programme.

You can also find these rules in the next pages (candidates from Politecnico di Torino /candidates from other Universities).  
Your application is assessed in order to check if you meet our curricular requirements.
You can either be:
  • admitted
  • not admitted
  • admitted pending the obligation to make up for your unfulfilled academic requirements (these are identified by the Teaching Committees). In this case, you are required to enrol in single courses before you enrol in the Master’s degree programme you have chosen. (Further information is available in the Student Guide A. Y. 2018/19 of your Master’s degree programme –  Enrolment in Single Courses section)
Language requirements
The English language certificate (IELTS 5.0 or other certificate accepted in substitution for IELTS) is an admission requirement for all Master’s degree programmes at Politecnico (except for the programme in “ Automotive Engineering- Ingegneria dell’Autoveicolo” which requires an IELTS 5.5 certificate or other  certificate accepted in substitution for IELTS 5.5).   
Admissions to the following Master’s degree programmes (organized in cooperation with partner universities) are governed by specific calls for applications published on our News Board “Engineering Area - Master’s degree programmes”
  • Physics of Complex Systems (Fisica dei Sistemi Complessi)
  • Nanotechnologies for ICTs (Nanotecnologie per le ict)
  • Poly2Nuc (Energy and Nucelar Engineering)