Master's degree programmes 2020 - 2021
(students with italian degree)
Steps for apply submission - applicants from other universities  
 (cambia corso)
Corsi di laurea
Registration on the Apply@polito portal
  1. Enter your personal information and your e-mail address.
  2. Click the Register button (you will receive a confirmation message by e-mail)
  3. You will receive your access credentials for the Apply@polito portal (username and password) by e-mail within 12 hours, at the e-mail address you indicated.
Use your username and password to log into the online application form. Fill in the information on your previous university career. It will take you about 20 minutes to fill out your application. You can start it one day and come back to it another day. All
fields marked with * (asterisk) are mandatory.  

To submit your application, you must:
  1. upload a passport size picture;
  2. pay an application fee of € 100 (this amount will be deducted from your tuition fees if you enrol in the programme, but will not be refunded under any circumstances). You can pay by:
  • PagoPA (online electronic payment to the Public Administration). You can choose whether pay by means of an immediate payment (with credit card or other payment methods planned by PagoPA) or make a different payment by generating a payment advice (MAV).
"Educational background/ Studi compiuti" section 
You must enter in this section: 
  • the information on your previous university career (university of origin);
  • the name of your Bachelor’s degree programme and degree classification. If you have already obtained your Bachelor’s degree, please enter the date of degree conferral and graduation final grade 

  • every exam or learning activity included in your Personal Study Plan with its Scientific Disciplinary Field (SSD), number of credits, exam date and grade:
    • courses which exams has already been  passed must indicate, in addiction to Scientific Disciplinary Field (SSD), number of credits, exam date and grade;
    • pass-or-fail exams (registered without a grade on a scale of 30) might not have a Scientific Disciplinary Field (SSD). In this case please select ***N/A*** (not available);
    • If a course has more than one Scientific Disciplinary Field (SSD), you need to enter it as many times as the number of SSD. Each time you need to repeat the name of the exam, the grade obtained and the number of credits for each SSD;
    • Unpassed exams: you will be able to add the grades and dates of these exams at a later stage (after the submission of your application) but no later than the deadline for enrolment.
For the correct evaluation of your application, you need to enter your full Personal Study Plan – including the exams which you have not passed,  any internships, your Final Project, for a total of 180 credits. 
If you want to transfer to a Master’s degree programme, you need to enter the information related to the Master’s exams that you have already taken at the university of origin. If you haven’t earned your Bachelor’s degree yet on the date of submission,  you will have to go back to your application and add this information (date of degree conferral and final grade) as soon as you get your degree.After adding the information on the “Degree obtained” you can modify your data by contacting the Office of Student Services using the ticketing service (“Ticket” -  ASSISTANCE section).
"Language skills" section
Politecnico needs to verify your IELTS results. Therefore you need to enter the TRF  number of your IELTS certificate on your Apply@polito personal page.
You can find this number on your certificate or in the message you received by e-mail when the results were published.
If you have a certificate issued by CAMBRIDGE Assessment English/ Cambridge English Language Assessment, you must log in to your Cambridge personal page and select the option that allows Cambridge to share your results with Politecnico di Torino (follow the instructions available at Enter your Candidate's ID number – or – if this is not possible – upload your certificate or your Statement of results to the Apply@polito platform  - “Attachments” section.
For TOEFL certificates, you need to enter the code of Politecnico di Torino (C285) when you register for the exam.
In these three cases, you do not need upload a scanned copy of your certificate.
If you fail to enter the code of Politecnico di Torino (C285) you must upload a scanned copy of your TOEFL certificate to the Apply@polito platform – “Attachments” section.
If you have a different English certificate (included in the list of accepted certificates published on the CLA website) you must upload a scanned copy of your certificate to the Apply@polito platform. You must also show your original certificate to the Office of Student Services when you go there to pick up your smart card.
It usually takes a long time before you receive the hard copy of your language certificate. We suggest you get your English certificate well in advance so you will be able to meet the application deadline.  
We remind you that any English language exam (graded or ungraded) that you have passed while you were enrolled at another university IS NOT accepted by Politecnico in substitution for the certificate of English language level B2 required.
IMPORTANT: in the current emergency situation, some Examination Boards have temporarily suspended thier language exams and certificates. 
If you were unable to take your English language exam, you must:
  • Log in to the Apply@polito platform – “Language skills” section
  • Select the option "language declaration for Covid-19"
  • Upload this DECLARATION to the “Attachments” section
before the deadline for Master’s enrolment. In this case, you will be enrolled in the programme with CONDITION. This provisional condition will be dropped when you present an English  language certificate included among those listed in the table of accepted certificates. The certificate must be presented before 30th June 2021.
"Select your programme" section
In this section you have to choose the Master’s degree programme/s you want to apply for. You can select maximum two programmes.
We remind you that you will not be able to modify your choices after you submit your application.  
"Save and Submit" section
Make sure that all the information is correctbefore you click the SUBMIT/SEND button
All data entered on the portal are accompanied by a self-certification within the meaning of art. 46 of D.P.R no. 445 of 28th December 2000 and further amendments: candidates declare that they are aware of the criminal penalties applicable in case of false declarations (art.76) and the forfeiture of the rights they might have acquired (art. 75).
Politecnico will receive your application for admission only if you SUBMIT it within the deadline illustrated in the Deadlines section.