Master's degree programmes 2020 - 2021
(students with italian degree)
admission test
 (cambia corso)
Corsi di laurea
The Evaluation Committees of candidate's personal preparation for admission to Master's Degree Programmes offered by Collegio of "Design"and of "Pianificazione e progettazione" are appointed with decree of the Dean. 

Candidates with disability and candidates  with specific learning disability  can  request adequate support writing a ticket to the staff of the Special Needs Unit that deals with support services to students (
If the Evaluation Committee identifies some curricular integration in order to enrol, the possible eligibility obtained  after having passed the admission test  will be valuable until the following academic year.  
The eligible candidate without curricular integration to cover, if does not enrol or does not advance courses of the Master's degree programme in the academic year of candidacy, wil have to Apply and pass the admission test to be eligible in following academic years. 
The results of the admission test will be published in the Apply personal page of each candidate.

Admission test to the Master's degree programme in Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape PlanningThe test consists of an oral exam with the aim of evaluate the suitable academic performance of each candidate.

The subjects of the oral exam are referred to knowledge fields that distinguish the education considered necessary to attend profitably  the Master's degree programme:  
  • fundamentals of urban planning of territory and landscape; 
  • institutional system for the territorial governance ;  
  • sustainable local development; 
  • territorial information systems

The result of the test to enrol in the first semester will be published  within the 21st September 2020
The result of the test to enrol in the second semester will be published  within the date specified in the deadlines section.
Room, date and timetable of the test are published in the deadlines section.