2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in
Additive Manufacturing (2017 - 2018)
Mista is a long-standing partner of the Politecnico of TurinWe specialise in the development and production of electrical connections for the automotive, household appliances and E/E sectors.
The industrial components sector has, in the last few years, been making significant strides in product integration, with an aim of optimising the performance and function of single components while enhancing aspects such as ergonomics, aesthetics, while at the same time meeting the geometry constraints of each part.
New technologies such as hybrid moulded thermoplastics offer remarkable solutions to industrial manufacturing and increase the potential of the component market
 Mista’s participation in the Masters programme of Additive Manufacturing comes from their firm belief that continuous technological development is a fundamental and strategic asset for any company.  Progress in engineering and technology processes and investment in research and development play a central role in the company.A long-standing working relationship with the Politecnico of Turin is of mutual benefit.It underlies the creed of both parties: Learning never ends.  
Hiring Opportunity
Mista will offer to the selected student a job opportunity, hiring her/him at the beginning of the Master Course (April 2018) through a HIGH APPRENTICESHIP CONTRACT (ex Art.45 - D. Lgs 81/2015):
1st year€ 26,700
2nd year€ 30,000
Workplace: Cortiglione, Asti
Duration: 24 months
Contract applied: C.C.N.L. Metalmeccanici
Entry level: Employee
Selection & Recruiting
Candidate profile
She/he- shall contribute to the serene and collaboratory working environment in Mista while being respectful to all colleagues at all times. - shall always stay abreast of new developments in the industry and study if they can be applied to Mista;
- shall be able to analyse and resolve complex situations;
- shall show initiative and autonomy;
- shall show ability to think on their feet;- shall be open to change;
- Fluent in Italian and English; French and German are a plus.

Macro-elements of Mista proposal for the Master
The Project, to be agreed with Politecnico di Torino, has to identify and deliver the basic competencies to the assigned person and in turn the recruit will share with Mista employees updates on changes and breakthroughs in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING.
Information sharing and the building of a solid knowledge base so as to enable all employees, Masters recruit included, to push the boundaries of the components sector and allow for innovative and unique solutions.
Mista is a team. We work together.

MISTA contacts
Via Roma, 79/A 
14040 - Cortiglione (AT) Italy
tel. 0141 766848
Web site: www.mista.it