2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in
Automotive Suspensions: Technologies and Products for Mechanical evolution and Smart Actuation (2017 - 2018)
Participation fee and support
FeeThe participation fee is 3.000,00 Euro (three thousand/00) + 19,53 Euro (nineteen/53) as enrolment fee.
The total amount shall be paid to Politecnico di Torino according to the following installments: 
  •  1.000,00 Euro within the deadline which will be defined by Politecnico for participants to accept the offer for the Specializing Master’s Programme
  •  2.000,00 Euro at the time of enrolment + 19,53 Euro (nineteen/53) 
The participation and the enrolment fee can be paid by wire transfer through the “Apply@Polito” platform.
In case of withdrawal or exclusion from the Programme the participation fee and the enrolment fee won't be refunded by Politecnico di Torino under any circumstances. 
The Programme will start only if the minimum number of 10 participants required is reached.
Corporate support
Sistemi Sospensioni S.p.A. will offer scholarships to all the participants of the Specializing Master’s Programme.
Participants will receive a monthly scholarship of 1.000,00 Euro (one thousand/00) gross, before taxes, as prescribed by Italian law.Participants will receive the scholarship installments (8 installments) directly from Sistemi Sospensioni S.p.A.
The scholarship must be completely refunded to Sistemi Sospensioni S.p.A. in the following cases:
  • if a recipient withdraws from the Specializing Master’s Programme without due cause which will be judged at incontestable discretion of Sistemi Sospensioni S.p.A.;
  • if a recipient is excluded from the Programme due to low academic performance or absences exceeding the allowed limit or futher to disciplinary acts.
After completion of the Programme, Sistemi Sospensioni S.p.A. will have the option to offer the reimbursement (before taxes, as prescribed by Italian law) of the participation fee to all the participants, hired by Sistemi Sospensioni S.p.A., who graduated from the Specializing Master’s Programme with an average grade equal or greater than 27/30.
This bonus will be reimbursed upon recruitment and it shall be refunded in full by the employee in case of resignation within 12 months from the date of recruitment.