2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in
Climate Change: Adaptation and mitigation solutions (2021 - 2022)

You can enrol in some of the single courses of this Specializing Master’s programme, without enrolling in the entire programme, provided that you meet the requirements prescribed for the programme (Art. 4 – Admission Requirements).
The list of the Specializing Master’s courses available for single course enrolment is available in Table n.3 – Single courses

Each single course is open to a maximum of 5 participants. You can apply for admission for a single course ONLY through the Application Form available at: 

You will be admitted to enrol in single courses on a first come first served basis, up to the maximum number of participants.

In order to be admitted to the final exam(s) you are required to attend activities for at least 85% of the course(s) you are enrolled in. If you fail the exam, you can arrange a make-up exam directly with the professor responsible for the course. You can take a make-up exam just once.

Participation fee for single course enrolment are composed of a fixed fee (21,00 Euro)** plus the cost of the course that you want to purchase. The fixed fee is valid for one academic year. This means that if you enrol in more than one single course you will have to pay the fixed fee just once.

We remind you that:
• Single course enrolment is incompatible with your enrolment at any other Italian university: you are not allowed to be enrolled in another degree programme at another Italian university;
• Single course enrolment is valid for the academic year 2021/22 (one edition of the Specializing Master’s programme): this means that the course’s exam must be taken and passed by the end of the last exams session of the Master. If you do not take/pass the exam within the due date, you will automatically purchase the enrolment to the course for the (potential) next edition, in order to take and register the exam.
• Single courses’ students do not contribute to the minimum number of participants required to the activation of the Master, and they can be admitted in excess. If the Master will not start, neither will the single courses.
• The enrolment to a single course can be denied even if the maximum number of participants of that course has already been reached.
• To receive the certificate of attendance it is required an attendance for at least 85% of the purchased course.
• To receive the certificate stating the advancements, credits and the scientific field you must have passed the course’s exam.
• Single course’s students can award the maximum number of 40 credits per academic year.
Table n. 3 – Single courses

 N. Course ECTS Hours CampusPriceDate 
 1An Introduction to Climate Change 3 30Main Campus€ 270,00 
 2Earth Observation and Climate Monitoring 3 30Main Campus€ 270,0021 - 25 February 
Climate Policy, Economics and Finance
 3 30Main Campus€ 270,007 - 10 February 
 4Energy Transition and Global Sustainability 2 20Main Campus€ 180,0028 February - 4 March 
 5Carbon Capture and Negative Emission Technologies 2 20Lingotto€ 180,0014 - 18 March
6CO2 and H2 Underground Storage220Lingotto€ 180,0021 - 25 March
7Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Trading220Lingotto€ 180,0028 March - 1 April 
8Sustainable Transport Systems220Lingotto€ 180,004 - 8 April 
9Energy-Efficient Buildings220Lingotto€ 180,0026 - 29 April 
10Renewables220Lingotto€ 180,002 - 6 May
11Climate-Resilient Cities and Communities330Lingotto€ 270,009 - 13 May 
12Coping with Extreme Events330Lingotto€ 270,0016 - 20 May
13Food-Water Nexus in a Changing Climate330Lingotto€ 270,0011 - 15 July 
14Sustainable Management220Lingotto€ 180,006 - 10 June 
15Resilient Infrastructure Systems220Lingotto€ 180,0030 May - 3 June 
16Corporate Social Accountability220Lingotto€ 180,004 - 8 July
17Green Procurement and Sustainable Supply Chain220Lingotto€ 180,0020 - 24 June
18Climate-Change Compliance Reporting and Communication220Lingotto€ 180,00 18 - 22 July
19Eco-Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship220Lingotto€ 180,0027 June - 1 July 
**16,00Euro enrollment revenue stamp + 5 Euro premium for accident insurance. The insurance premium may change due to the stipulation of a new insurance contract.