2nd level Specializing Master in
Navigation and Related Applications
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Course syllabus
The MNA provides an extensive background in navigation/localization systems as well as a detailed analysis on NAV/COM integration and environmental monitoring applications or a specific training on timing. The courses range from system aspects, receiver technologies (hardware design) and innovative applications based on the user position. 
Courses will cover the following aspects: 
  • GPS and Galileo systems 
  • Support systems for GPS and Galileo, 
  • terrestrial and satellite-based (e.g., EGNOS) 
  • GNSS regulatory aspects 
  • Receiver technologies Localization in cellular systems (and WLAN) 
  • Navigation and communication hybridization (GNSS + wireless networks) 
  • Applications of GNSS in surveys and mapping 
  • Added-value navigation-related services and applications 
  • Timing and time scale generation 
  • Synchronization

*  Students will choose one out of these 3 courses
Please note that the syllabus is related to the 2013/2014 Master in Navigation edition.