2nd level Specializing Master in
Navigation and Related Applications
Overview and career opportunities
Admission requirements
Course syllabus
Time schedule
Course fee
Financial support
Documentation required
How to apply
Selection process
Selection outcomes Compagnia di San Paolo Scholarships
Selection outcomes ISMB Scholarships
Selection outcomes for non-scholarship recipients
UN Italy
Time schedule
The MNA program will start in October 2014 and will last a total of 12 months, including 3 months for pilot projects (internships).  
The 2nd level specializing Master is a full-time program and attendance is mandatory. Students are allowed a maximum of 10% absences from lectures (illness included). Absences (except for the ones certified for medical problems) must be certified and approved by the master Coordinator.  Possible preliminary calendar:
Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Summer Quarter
Oct 27th - Dec 19th
Jan 14th - Mar 6th
Mar 23rd - May 22nd
Dec 20th - Jan 6th
Mar 9th - 13th
May 25th - 29th
Jan 7th - 13th
Mar 16th - 20th
June 3rd - 12th
June 29th - July 3rd (recovery)
June 15th - Sept 15th
Dec 20th - Jan 6th
Dec 8th
Easter (Apr 2nd - 8th)
May 1st, June 2nd
Final ceremony
end of September 2015

The program includes 70 educational credits, 50 corresponding to courses, 20 to an internship in a lab or a company operating in the field of navigation and positioning, and/or in the technical laboratories of ISMB and INRIM.

Please note that students pilot project can take place in a technical lab in their own home country, under the supervision of a local tutor and the coordination of a MNA scientific committee member.