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Phd program Electronics and communications engineering (Torino)

Ph.D. School

Academic Year 2007/2008

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01LBQIT    Complements on stochastic processes    E. Leonardi    
02JERIT    Cryptography: principles and methods    M. Elia    
02ISNIT    Elliptical curves and cryptography    M. Elia    
01LDPIT    The KLT (Karhunen-Loève Transform) for space telecommunication also relativistic       
01KIIIT    English language II       
02IVKIT    Macromodelling of linear and non-linear dynamic systems    F. Canavero    
01LEFIT    Methodologies (traditional and non-conventional) for the quantitative estimation of precipitation fields       
03IXWIT    Guided wave propagation    R. Orta    
01MHAIT    Quality of life information services: data investigation and service design principles for the atmospheric environment (didattica di eccellenza)       
02IXZIT    Neuro-fuzzy networks and their applications    L. Reyneri    
01MARIT    Reverberation chambers for EMC and communication systems evaluation - (didattica di eccellenza)       
01MHTIT    Selected topics in photonics       
01LICIT    Two-state quantum systems and their equivalent circuits    P. Civalleri    
01LGJIT    GPS techniques for atmospheric telemonitoring    R. Notarpietro    
03IZDIT    Advanced techniques for design of microwave components    R. Tascone    
02LGLIT    Experimental techniques for the characterization of wide-band analogic and digital signals in radiotelecommunications    D. Trinchero    


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