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Phd program physics (Torino)

Ph.D. School

Academic Year 2007/2008

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
03IRUKG    Tensorial fields in physics    A. Tartaglia    
02LBOKG    Complements on physics of information    G. Kaniadakis    
02AXHKG    Solid state physics: additional topics    E. Descrovi    
01LRYKG    Computation and Nature       
02ISTKG    Complex quantum systems dynamics    V. Penna    
02ITIKG    Physics of liquid crystals    G. Barbero    
03AXFKG    Solid state Physics    E. Descrovi    
01LCRKG    Physics of surfaces and interfaces    E. Tresso    
04AXSKG    Nuclear Physics    P. Quarati    
02IUGKG    Monte Carlo method    F. Rossi    
02IUYKG    Introduction to nuclear and subnuclear astrophysics    P. Quarati    
03FLCKG    Research management       
01LHOKG    Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems    A. Scarfone    
01LHMKG    Computational methods in the Physics of Matter and in the Material Science    A. Pelizzola    
01LEEKG    Variational methods in statistical physics and inference problems    M. Pretti    
02IWDKG    Measurement methods and experimental data processing    B. Minetti    
02LEGKG    Physical methodologies applied to cultural heritage    R. Iotti    
02JBKKG    Tunnel effect scanning microscopy - Atomic forces in physics and engineering     R. Gonnelli    
01LHNKG    Applied Optics    E. Miraldi    
02IXVKG    Supersonic waves propagation and applications    M. Scalerandi    
01LFIKG    Relativity and its applications    A. Tartaglia    
01LGCKG    Superconductivity and the theory of Eliashberg    G. Ummarino    
02IZNKG    Group theory    R. D'Auria    
01LAKKG    Many Body theory: Green function formalism in the Solid State Physics    G. Ummarino    
02LGOKG    Theory of correlated electron systems    A. Montorsi    
01LGQKG    Quantum theory of solids    F. Rossi    
02IZTKG    Quantum theory of magnetism    P. Mazzetti    
02IZXKG    Phase transitions and critical phenomena    A. Pelizzola    
01LGUKG    A new method for teaching physics       


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