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Master of science program Information and communication technologies engineering (Torino)

School of Information Engineering

Academic Year 2007/2008

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N.B.: i moduli rappresentati con il codice colorato non sono attivi per l'A.A. corrente

1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01GORBV    Computer graphics and multimedia       
01GPVBV    Functional analysis       
01JEVBV    Information theory and codes       
01GQSBV    Microelectronics       
01JEYBV    Object oriented programming       
02JEZBV    Operating systems       
01JEQBV    Computer-aided design of wireless communication systems       
02JPYBV    Entrepreneurship       
01GRFBV    Numerical methods  Yes      
01KRIBV    Real-time operating systems       
01JFDBV    Security and architecture of distributed systems  Yes      
01GQTBV    Microwaves       
01GRYBV    Radiofrequency devices       
01GSUBV    Statistical signal analysis       
3,4  01KRJBV    French       
3,4  01JLHBV    Special Topics       
01GOHBV    Antennas  Yes      
01GQUBV    Microwaves laboratory  Yes      
01GTKBV    Traffic theory  Yes      

2nd year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01KTMBV    Computer architecture    M. Sonza Reorda    
02GPVBV    Functional analysis       
01GQCBV    Integrated systems architecture       
02JSSBV    Internet Applications (man)    F. Di Gregorio    
    Free choice module from schedule A       
01KRMBV    Propagation    G. Perona    
01LRLBV    Ad hoc and sensor networks  Yes   C. Chiasserini    
01KRZBV    Data warehousing and data mining    S. Chiusano    
01KRKBV    Embedded Systems       
01KROBV    Quality of service issues in telecommunication networks  Yes   A. Bianco    
01KRLBV    Radiofrequency design       
01KTOBV    System programming    G. Cabodi    
01JGPBV    Video communication       
01KSCBV    Network and protocol simulation    M. Munafo'    
01JEZBV    Operating systems       
01JFABV    Photonics       
02GSPBV    Software engineering       
01LQDBV    Specification and simulation of digital systems    P. Camurati    
01JERBV    Cryptography: principles and methods       
    Final project work  20       
01GSPBV    Software engineering       
    Thesis  20       

For students achieving also the Diplome d'Ingénieur of INPG II in Grenoble
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
1   01KSIBV    Computer networks  4        
1   01KSGBV    Optical fiber communication systems  3        
1   01KSKBV    Project management and quality  5        
1   01KSLBV    Wireless networks  4        
2   01KSHBV    Architecture of integrated radio systems  3        
2   01KSMBV    Network project  3        
2   01KSJBV    Numerical transmission systems  5        
2   02KRLBV    Radiofrequency design  4        
3,4       Final Project  29        

Courses provided by Collegio Einaudi
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
1,4   01LXABV    Technologies for digital animation  2        
1,4   01LYHBV    Technologies for digital video editing and post production  2        
1,4   01LYGBV    Image digital processing  2        


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