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Bachelor program Information and communication technologies engineering (Torino/Grenoble)

School of Information Engineering

Academic Year 2007/2008

Corso parzialmente erogato in lingua francese
Corso parzialmente erogato in lingua italiana

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N.B.: i moduli rappresentati con il codice colorato non sono attivi per l'A.A. corrente

1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
04AGGBW    Probability  Yes      
05AUOBW    Electrotechnics I  Yes      
1,2  06ACFBW    Mathematical analysis I       
1,2  05ASOBW    Fundamentals of computer science       
1,2  05BCGBW    Geometry       
1,4  04BMKBW    French       
1,4  01ECUBW    Languages I       
07AXLBW    Physics I  Yes      
01JKABW    Technical writing       
3,4  03ACIBW    Mathematical analysis II  Yes      
3,4  01ECWBW    Programming techniques and languages  Yes      
05ACJBW    Mathematical analysis III  Yes      
07AXMBW    Physics II  Yes      

2nd year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01EJFBW    Fundamentals of matter structure  Yes     (1)  
07AUQBW    Fundamental of Electrotechnics II  Yes      
1,2  02ACKBW    Mathematical analysis IV  Yes      
1,4  01FEKBW    Foreign language: additional topics  Yes   A. Tabacco    
1,4  01EJXBW    Languages II  Yes   A. Tabacco    
01FYFBW    Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I (LIFI)  Yes      
04APMBW    Electronic devices  Yes     (1)  
01EIPBW    Computer Algorithms  Yes      
01EIUBW    Electronic circuits  Yes      
01EJRBW    Introduction to telecommunication networks  Yes      
02AGABW    Computer systems  Yes      
07BSPBW    Electronic measurements  Yes      
01EKMBW    Analog electronic systems  Yes      
01FYGBW    Signal theory (LIFI)       

3rd year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01MDWBW    Phisics Module       
02JKHBW    Electromagnetic waves       
02KJFBW    Electromagnetic waves I       
02KJJBW    Electromagnetic waves II       
01JKIBW    Physics for electronics       
02JKGBW    Digital electronic systems    D. Demarchi    
01JKGBW    Digital electronic systems       
1,4  01BUHBW    Report       
01KMIBW    Algorythms and computer programmming       
02KMIBW    Algorythms and computer programmming       
02JKLBW    Scientific calculus       
01JKQBW    European building construction       
    Humanities      (3)  
01JKKBW    Fundamentals of electrical communication       
02JKKBW    Fundamentals of electrical communication    A. Tarable    
01MDYBW    Introduction to networks       
01MDXBW    Computer Science Module  12       
02JKNBW    Operations research       
02JKPBW    Stage UNIX       
07AFQBW    Database  Yes   M. Rebaudengo    
02EKFBW    Data network protocols  Yes   C. Casetti    
01AMRBW    Business culture    A. Strumia    
01JFCBW    Characterising elective subject       
01EKYBW    Introduction to Digital Communications  Yes   R. Garello    

Table 1 - Specific Subject Modules
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
2   01JKFBW    Algoritmi e programmazione avanzata II  5   Yes      
4   01JKCBW    Electronics design for controls  5   Yes   P. Civera    
4   01JKDBW    Electronics design for computers  5   Yes   P. Civera    
4   01JKBBW    Electronics design for communications  5   Yes   P. Civera    


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