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2nd level specializing master Navigation and related applications (Torino)

School of Information Engineering

Academic Year 2009/2010

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
03KKLGN    Basics on geomatics and satellite orbits    M. Roggero    
02JULGN    Communication systems and DSP    R. Garello    
04JUNGN    GNSS introduction    G. Povero    
04JUUGN    Software receivers and telematic applications development       
03JUPGN    Carrier phase positioning, augmentations and integrity    M. Visintin    
04JUMGN    Digital image processing       
01NSGGN    Front-end technologies and antennas    M. Mondin    
03JUSGN    GPS and Galileo receivers    M. Fantino    
03JURGN    Time scale and timing in GPS and Galileo    P. Tavella    
03JUOGN    Timing in navigation systems    E. Bava    
03MIHGN    Atmospheric effects for navigation and remote sensing    R. Notarpietro    
03JUWGN    Environmental applications of GNSS technology    E. Borgogno Mondino    
01NSIGN    Fundamentals of time and frequency metrology    A. De Marchi    
04JUTGN    GNSS related applications    E. Calia    
04JUVGN    Integration between satellite and cellular localization systems       
01NSJGN    Integration of satellite navigation and other positioning technologies    L. Lo Presti    
01NSLGN    Laboratory of time and frequency metrology    G. Costanzo    
03LXOGN    Time and frequency metrology       
01JUZGN    Pilot project  30    L. Lo Presti    


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