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Phd program Cultural heritage (Torino)

Ph.D. School

Academic Year 2009/2010

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01MMXJE    Industrial anthropology and archeology. Humans, machines and buildings    V. Marchis    
01MLWJE    Architecture and language       
01MNCJE    (It) Architettura e archeologia: memorie del sottosuolo. Metodologie e prassi di intervento nel restauro archeologico       
01NUXJE    Virtual cultural heritage    A. Marotta    
01LZLJE    Historical plans and territories       
02LZLJE    Historical plans and territories       
01MNDJE    Communication, development and territory: themes and problems    C. Tosco    
01MMNJE    Structural, Geotechnical and Seismic Investigations and Analysis of Cultural Heritage    R. Ceravolo    
01MJTJE    Knowledge of ancient and modern materials through case studies analysis    J. Tulliani    
01NWQJE    From stratigraphy of architectural products to stratigraphic identification of the structural partition    R. Ientile    
02LZFJE    Effect of plant collecting and botanical introductions on garden design    P. Cornaglia    
01LZFJE    Effect of plant collecting and botanical introductions on garden design       
01MJUJE    Foundamentals of mechanics of masonry and foundation systems - structural assessment of historical constructions    M. Chiorino    
02LZEJE    Symbolism and iconography in urban survey    S. Coppo    
01LZEJE    Symbolism and iconography in urban survey       
01MKOJE    Life design of the architectures in reinforced concrete: The Engineering criterion and the reasous of conservation       
01MMSJE    Plant and HVAC system design for ancient buildings    M. Filippi    
01OBGJE    The restoration of 'necessity'    M. Vinardi    
01MMYJE    Imagination, communication, interaction, architecture, cultural heritage and virtuality       
01NUYJE    Urban tracks. Finding the Genius Loci: a path through city's forms and signs    S. Gron    
01MMVJE    Military Engineering. Italian fortifications between the XVI and XIX century    M. Viglino    
01MLYJE    Image as source: history, archives and technologies    C. Tosco    
01MNBJE    Historic and modern building techniques for cultural heritage management    P. Bardelli    
01LZPJE    The rhetorical space of architecture       
01OPYJE    The state of art in the preservation and restoration, theories and practicality: interdisciplinary contributions for third-level training (didattica di eccellenza       
01MMOJE    Project: themes and problems    T. Kirilova Kirova    
01MJWJE    Garden, park, landscape preservation    M. Giusti    
01MNEJE    3D metric survey    F. Rinaudo    
01OAXJE    History of public healt and hygene policies. Font and methodology Italy-France (XIX - XX century) (didattica di eccellenza)       
01MLXJE    Heritage history and analysis: thems and problems I    F. Di Teodoro    
01MMZJE    Analytical techniques for the physical and chemical characterization of traditional building materials    S. Pagliolico    
01MJVJE    Maintenance and repair of architectural heritage    G. Pistone    
02LKTJE    Technlology and Creativity    M. Ricciardi    
01LZHJE    Technology and Creativity I       
01MNAJE    Temple, church, mosque. Architectural experiences in the Near East between the V and the XVI century    C. Bonardi    


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