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Master of science program Computer engineering (Torino)

School of Information Engineering

Academic Year 2009/2010

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
    1 course to choose from       
01JEVHT    Information theory and codes  Yes   M. Elia    
01GQSHT    Microelectronics  Yes   L. Lavagno    
01KTPHT    Microprocessor-based systems    P. Montuschi    
01KRRHT    Stochastic processes  Yes   G. Pistone    
1,2  04HEOHT    Italian Language    C. Avidano
E. Paterna  
01KRQHT    Computer system security    A. Lioy    
01KTJHT    Digital system design       
01MQPHT    Distributed programming I    A. Lioy    
02MBZHT    Technology, strategy and innovation    M. Calderini    
01KTLHT    Database system technology    E. Baralis    
02GSPHT    Software engineering    M. Morisio    
01LQDHT    Specification and simulation of digital systems    P. Camurati    
01JEUHT    Formal languages and compilers    S. Rivoira    
01LQEHT    Microelectronic system design    M. Graziano    
01KTKHT    Operating system design    P. Laface    

2nd year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01KTMHT    Computer architecture    M. Rebaudengo    
01KRWHT    Operations research and optimisation    R. Tadei    
01LVNHT    Synthesis and optimization of digital systems    E. Macii    
01LQFHT    Programmable system design    C. Passerone    
02KRIHT    Real-time operating systems    I. Cibrario Bertolotti    
01LVOHT    Testing and design for reliability of digital systems    M. Sonza Reorda    
01LVPHT    Design of embedded systems    M. Poncino    
01KTOHT    System programming    G. Cabodi    
    Final project work  20       


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