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Corso di Laurea in Textile engineering (Biella)


Anno Accademico 2009/2010

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N.B.: i moduli rappresentati con il codice colorato non sono attivi per l'A.A. corrente

1° anno
Periodo Codice Lingua Insegnamento Crediti Vincoli Docente Note
04KWRKW    Chemistry    S. Grassini    
01KXXKW    Engineering drawing    E. Vezzetti    
01KXTKW    Linear algebra and geometry    F. Ferrara    
03KWQKW    Mathematical analysis I    A. Paolucci    
1,2  01MCCKW    English Language 1st level       
1,2  05HEOKW    Italian language       
01MDHKW  Chemistry and Physics complements 
02JCJKW    Computer sciences    C. Fornaro    
01LLPKW    Innovation and perspectives in the textile industry    G. Rovero    
01KXUKW    Mathematical analysis II    S. Garbiero    
01KXVKW    Physics I    P. Delsanto    
01KXWKW    Physics II    P. Delsanto    

2° anno
Periodo Codice Lingua Insegnamento Crediti Vincoli Docente Note
01LLVKW    Applied thermodynamics and heat transfer  7.5    A. Ferri    
01LLWKW    Economics and business administration    L. Rondi    
02KWZKW    Statistics    A. Paolucci    
01LLQKW    Structural mechanics    P. Debernardi    
01LLSKW  Textile chemistry/Textile fibres 
10    C.Tonin
01LMAKW    Applied mechanics    E. Giorcelli    
01LLYKW    Electrical engineering    A. Canova    
01LLZKW    Materials science and technology    R. Bongiovanni    
01LLRKW    Process engineering fundamentals    S. Sicardi    
01LLXKW    Textile technologies  10    G. Maglio    

3° anno
Periodo Codice Lingua Insegnamento Crediti Vincoli Docente Note
01LMCKW    Dyeing engineering    G. Rovero    
01LMEKW    Heat transfer and thermal recovery    M. Banchero    
01LMDKW    Laboratory of advanced textile processing (LATT practice)    G. Rovero    
07BNTKW    Marketing    A. Siviero    
01LMFKW    Mechanics of textile machines  7.5    G. Belforte    
01LMBKW    Production management and administration    F. Montagna    
01LMIKW    Final examination       
01LMHKW    Practical training (Compulsory)  10       
      Elective courses  15       

Elective courses
Periodo Codice Lingua Insegnamento Crediti Vincoli Docente Note
2   01LMNKW    Environmental engineering for the textile industry  5     F. Chiampo    
2   01LMKKW    Fashion product design  5     S. Moglia    
2   01LMOKW    General services and safety in industrial factories  5     S. Specchia    
2   01LMJKW    High technology textile materials  5     G. Cerruti    
2   01LMMKW    Industrial logistics  5       (2)  
2   01LMLKW    Textile sampling, apparel design and distribution  5       (2)  

(1) Students that are interested in following courses of I Faculty in Torino, must susbstitute Physics II with Chemistry and Physics complements.
(2) Courses open only after the check of a sufficient number of students. Teaching active in alternate years; off for aa 2009/10.

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