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Bachelor program Electrical engineering (Torino)

First School of Engineering

Academic Year 2011/2012

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
14ACFCC    Mathematical analysis I  Yes      
11AHMCC    Chemistry       
09ASOCC    Fundamentals of computer science       
09AXOCC    Physics I  Yes      
07EMCCC    Introduction to analysis and geometry  Yes      
17ACICC    Mathematical analysis II  Yes      
12APGCC    Engineering Drawing       
01ETECC    Business economy and management       
09AXPCC    Physics II  Yes      
13BCGCC    Geometry       
06ECVCC    Technical writing       
02CRLCC    Manufacturing Technology  Yes      

2nd year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
03AKWCC    Automatic control I  Yes   S. Malan    
09AUOCC    Electrotechnics I  Yes   C. Ragusa  (4)  
05AXYCC    Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer for Engineers  Yes   M. Santarelli    
04AZTCC    Principles of Applied Mechanics  Yes   A. Manuello Bertetto    
06CINCC    Energy systems  Yes   L. Casalino    
1,2  01LKICC    English Language 1st level       
04AJYCC    Electrical Communications    F. Kayhan    
03AKXCC    Automatic control II  Yes   M. Indri    
02ATXCC    Electronics I  Yes   F. Musolino    
01AUACC    Electronics II  Yes   M. Gioannini    
08AUQCC    Fundamental of Electrotechnics II  Yes   A. Canova    
01BHKCC    Microprocessor basics  Yes   M. Morisio    
07BNMCC    Electrical machines  Yes   L. Ferraris    

3rd year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
02AFJCC    Electrical drives I  Yes   A. Boglietti    
02AUDCC    Power electronics I  Yes   M. Pastorelli    
01BOECC    Materials  Yes   E. Verne'   (1)  
02CILCC    Electrical energy systems I  Yes   E. Bompard    
03CIMCC    Electrical energy systems II  Yes   G. Chicco    
1,2      Or       
1,2      Final essay       
1,2  01CWOCC    Professional training I       
1,2  01CWPCC    Internship II  Yes      
02AFKCC    Electrical drives II  Yes      
02AUECC    Power electronics II  Yes   A. Fratta    
01BSOCC    Electrical and electronical Measurement  Yes   A. Carullo    
    Free choice module or from table 1  10      (2)  
01FWGCC    Technical legislation  Yes   A. Mantelero  (1)  
02CCYCC    Products and processes quality    F. Franceschini   (3)  
01FWHCC    Electrical energy systems III  Yes   R. Napoli    
02CLMCC    History of contemporary philosophy    A. Rebaglia    


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