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Phd program Computer and control engineering (Torino)


Academic Year 2016/2017

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01RZHIU    3D Integration: Challenges and Solutions (didattica di eccellenza vp)    C. Kavousianos    
01QTGIU    Advanced techniques for highly reliable electronic system design    M. Sonza Reorda    
01LZDIU    Mimetic learning       
01RZOIU    Bilevel programming and its applications to Logistics and Energy Management (Didattica di eccellenza)    G. Perboli    
02LWHIU    Communication    A. De Marco    
01RNBIU    Communication II    da nominare   
01REHIU    Computational complexity and approximation       
02REHIU    Computational complexity and approximation    F. Della Croce Di Dojola    
01QRUIU    Crowdsourcing: new challenges and opportunities in scientific research       
01QTEIU    Data mining concepts and algorithms    T. Cerquitelli    
01QRYIU    Digital arithmetic       
01LFFIU    Embedded Model control       
01QTFIU    Empirical methods in software engineering    M. Torchiano    
01PJMIU    Computer ethics    N. Patrignani    
01QSBIU    Formal verification of concurrent and distributed software and systems    R. Sisto    
01QSAIU    Heuristics and metaheuristics for problem solving: new trends and software tools    G. Perboli    
01RZTIU    Responsible research and innovation - the impact on social challenges       
01SGOIU    Comunication learning    B. Mautino    
02RHQIU    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course + project work)    E. Paolucci    
01RHQIU    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course + project work)  12       
01RHPIU    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course)       
02RHPIU    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course)    E. Paolucci    
01SFDIU    Introductory Level in Project Management    A. De Marco    
01RRPIU    Lean startup e lean business for l'innovation management    G. Perboli    
01SEZIU    Managing Ph. D. Thesis as a Project    R. Katz    
01QRTIU    Methods and hardware architectures for bioinformatics    A. Acquaviva    
01QCMIU    Methods and hardware architectures on bioinformatics       
01QRVIU    Model predictive control: theory and practice    M. Canale    
01QSDIU    Model-based embedded software design       
01QRXIU    Multimedia communications: technological advances and social implications    E. Masala    
08IXTIU    Project management    A. De Marco    
01RNCIU    Public Speaking II    da nominare   
01RISIU    Public speaking    da nominare   
01QSCIU    Reconfigurable computing    L. Sterpone    
01QRWIU    Scholarly communication in the digital age       
01SAYIU    Self Management: techniques for work environment    A. De Marco    
01RRDIU    Semantic Web    F. Corno    
01RHMIU    Short Course on Enterpreneurship    M. Cantamessa    
01QRZIU    Software architectures and designs    M. Morisio    
01QTHIU    Techniques of robust control    M. Ghirardi    
01RYVIU    The new Internet Society: Entering the Black-box of Digital Innovation II    P. Neirotti    
02RHOIU    The new Internet Society: entering the black-box of digital innovations    P. Neirotti    
02RAUIU    Topics In Internet & Society Interdisciplinary Studies    J. De Martin    
1,2  03LCLIU    A Machine Epistemology    V. Marchis    
01LCPIU    Experimental modelling: construction of models from experimental data    M. Taragna    
01QTIIU    Mimetic learning    G. Squillero    
01MNFIU    Parallel and distributed computing    B. Montrucchio    
01QORIU    Writing Scientific Papers in English    docente di lingua
docente di lingua 


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