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Phd program Civil and environmental engineering (Torino)


Academic Year 2017/2018

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1st year
Code Language Course ECTS Vincoli Professor Notes
01SFHRW    Seismic isolation through friction pendulum system (FPS)    G. Mancini    
01SFJRW    Modeling of structural nonlinearity for the seismic assessment    V. Carbone    
01SGXRW    Cardiovascular circulation and mathematical modelling    M. Anselmino    
02LWHRW    Communication    M. Docente    
01RNBRW    Communication II    da nominare   
01MPXRW    Environmental compatibility of local public service       
01SACRW    Continuum Damage Model for composite Materials (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01SFPRW    Water desalination: processes, materials, and the future    A. Tiraferri    
01QQXRW    Modelling of the 'environmental mechanisms' in the framework of lcia (life cycle impact assessment)    B. Ruffino    
01OPURW    Ecohydraulics: hydropower and aquatic ecosystems    C. Comoglio    
01RRERW    Economics, complexity and natural resources       
02LFYRW    Basic concepts of numerical simulation of multiphase flow through porous media    D. Viberti    
02MQCRW    GreenHouse GAS emissions: legal requirements and management instruments       
01LFZRW    Non renewable energy: supply and underground storage    F. Verga    
01SHMRW    Entrepreneurial Finance    M. Docente    
01SGVRW    Entrepreneurship and start-up creation from University Research    E. Paolucci    
01PJMRW    Computer ethics    N. Patrignani    
01SFERW    Flow and transport in porous media    T. Tosco    
01OPWRW    Hyperconcentrated flows and torrent debris flows    G. Bianco    
01QQZRW    Groundwater geochemistry       
01QRARW    Geostatistics and stocahstic approach to environmental variables       
01SFMRW    Energy geostructures    M. Barla    
04BCPRW    Environmental geotechnics    M. Manassero    
01RZTRW    Responsible research and innovation - the impact on social challenges       
01REXRW    The finite element method and its applications in geoengineering       
01SFFRW    Low environmental and energy impact wastewater treatment plants    V. Riggio    
01OPSRW    Biological processes engineering       
02QQVRW    Morphological instabilities in alluvial, glacial and karst       
01SGURW    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship    E. Paolucci    
01RHQRW    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course + project work)  12       
02RHQRW    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course + project work)       
02RHPRW    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course)       
01RHPRW    Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Hi-tech Entrepreneurship (Theoretical course)       
01RPNRW    Soil-structure interaction       
01RSIRW    The dispersion of pollutants into the atmosphere (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01RRPRW    Lean startup e lean business for l'innovation management    G. Perboli    
03IVIRW    Geomaterial constitutive laws    C. Scavia    
01LXBRW    Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)    G. Blengini    
01SABRW    Linear viscoelasticity of Materials (didattica di eccellenza vp)       
01SFGRW    Data optimization using octave and matlab    A. Godio    
01REYRW    Numerical and statistical methods in geoengineering       
01SFLRW    Predictive methods for road safety    M. Bassani    
01RFYRW    Modellazione numerica di movimenti rapidi di versante    M. Pirulli    
01RPMRW    Fracture mechanics models for brittle structures    A. Sapora    
01QKGRW    Structural monitoring by the acoustic emission technique    G. Lacidogna    
01ROXRW    Nanoparticles and water resources       
01SIXRW    Numerical Methods in Geomechanics (didattica di eccellenza)    P. Oreste    
01REZRW    Rockfall protection techniques    D. Peila    
01RFBRW    Principles and applications of rheology    E. Santagata    
01RPLRW    Complex decision making under emergency conditions    G. Cimellaro    
08IXTRW    Project management    M. Docente    
01RNCRW    Public Speaking II    da nominare   
01RISRW    Public speaking    M. Docente    
01QQWRW    Technical characerization of dimension stones both in situ and in laboratory       
01SWQRW    Responsible research and innovation, the impact on social challenges    M. Docente    
01SFIRW    Road transport network    M. Diana    
01SDLRW    Risk Analysis in Civil Engineering    A. Rodriguez Marek    
01RFCRW    Reuse and recycling of automotive residues       
01RPKRW    Rock blasting and overbreak control       
01SFNRW    Extreme scenarios on structures       
03IYFRW    Science of destructions    M. Cardu    
01SFORW    Non-renewable energy in the 21st century: changes and challenges    V. Rocca    
01RHMRW    Short Course on Enterpreneurship       
01OPVRW    Road safety       
04ENURW    Environmental technology and production sites       
01SFKRW    Hydrodynamic and mophodynamic stability theory       
01RPPRW    Ground probing radar: theory and application       
01RYVRW    The new Internet Society: Entering the Black-box of Digital Innovation II       
02RHORW    The new Internet Society: entering the black-box of digital innovations    M. Docente    
01SWPRW    Time management    M. Docente    
02RAURW    Topics In Internet & Society Interdisciplinary Studies       
01RFARW    Transport and chemistry of pollutants in the atmsphere       
01RFDRW    Particle transport in porous media: filtration and clogging       
01LFWRW    Tunneling controls    C. Oggeri    
01MPWRW    Energy recovery from waste and biomasses    D. Panepinto    
1,2  03LCLRW    A Machine Epistemology    V. Marchis    
1,2  01SYBRW    Research integrity    M. Docente    
1,2  01MQHRW    Solid wastes       
01OPRRW    Applied environmental aquatic chemistry       
01GILRW    Computational Wind Engineering    L. Bruno    
01REVRW    Natural stone in building conctructions    R. Bellopede    
01QBZRW    Grund probing radar: theory and application       
01QORRW    Writing Scientific Papers in English    docente di lingua
docente di lingua 


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